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18001 Old Cutler Road suite 362, Miami, FL 33157, USA


A Joy Wallace Catering & Design, an esteemed event caterer located in Florida, has a rich history of creating unforgettable experiences through their passion for culinary arts and design. Founded by Joy Wallace in 1988, what began as a hobby has blossomed into a full-blown career dedicated to bringing people together and celebrating joy. Over the last three decades, A Joy Wallace Catering & Design has assembled a dream team of culinary artists and designers who have had the privilege of crafting extraordinary events for families, organizations, professionals, and individuals from across the globe.

Services Offered:

Diverse Family of Event Professionals: A Joy Wallace Catering & Design is a close-knit, diverse family of event professionals who share a common passion for creating exceptional experiences. Their dynamic team, fluent in multiple languages, mirrors the vibrant multicultural essence of Miami.

Designing Unique Experiences: They view food as a medium capable of conveying stories and emotions. Every dish carries a narrative, and A Joy Wallace Catering & Design ensures that your event reflects what's most meaningful to you. The magic unfolds before your eyes, an experience you can share and cherish.

Local, Sustainable Ingredients: Committed to sustainability, they source fresh produce from nearby farms and markets, ensuring that your event is not only delicious but also environmentally responsible. Their commissary location's proximity to local suppliers underscores their dedication to sustainability.

Inventive Menus Made to Fit: Whether your preferences lean towards ethnic cuisines or kosher-style catering, they present them in creative and delightful ways. A Joy Wallace Catering & Design is all about building a sense of community around exceptional food.

Knowledgeable, Well-Traveled Chefs: Their eclectic team of chefs has dined at some of the world's top-rated restaurants. This extensive culinary knowledge allows them to experiment and introduce a diverse range of cuisines to their clients.

As an event caterer, A Joy Wallace Catering & Design has consistently delivered unique and memorable experiences for clients, staying true to their history while pushing the boundaries of what's possible at each event. Their commitment to diversity, sustainability, and culinary innovation makes them the ideal choice for those seeking to create exceptional events that leave a lasting impression.

For a truly distinctive event caterer in Florida, look no further than A Joy Wallace Catering & Design. Contact them today to explore how they can transform your event into a one-of-a-kind celebration.

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