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6531 FM78 ste 110 239, San Antonio, TX 78244, USA


All Things Balloon, Inc., formerly known as Balloonamations, is a seasoned player in the event decoration business, specializing in balloon decorations and entertainment. Established in 2001 by Sheryl Meade, this Texas-based company has been spreading joy and happiness through their creative balloon artistry for over two decades. With a commitment to making every event unforgettable, they have transformed countless birthday parties and corporate gatherings into magical moments.

A Legacy of Creativity and Excellence

All Things Balloon, Inc. has a rich history that traces its roots back to Balloonamations, a sole proprietorship founded by Sheryl Meade. Over time, the company evolved into All Things Balloon, Inc. in 2012, solidifying its reputation as a top-tier balloon decorator and artist.

Their journey to excellence has been marked by continuous learning and innovation. They've actively participated in balloon conventions, absorbed wisdom from various balloon training resources, and collaborated with industry experts in "balloon jams." The culmination of their efforts has given rise to a diverse portfolio of balloon designs, with many of them being the brainchild of their Master Balloon Artist, Ernie Shown.

Meet the Creative Minds

Sheryl Meade, the visionary behind Balloonamations and All Things Balloon, Inc., initially specialized in table-side balloon entertainment at local restaurants. Her talent soon expanded to delighting children at birthday parties and entertaining corporate event attendees. Alongside her journey, Sheryl partnered with exceptional face painters, providing a complete entertainment package for kids' birthdays and local events.

Ernie Shown, a 17-year veteran of the USAF, entered the picture in 2003 when he married Sheryl. His passion for balloons led him to pursue excellence as a balloon artist. Over the years, Ernie has become renowned as one of the finest balloon artists in San Antonio, TX. His dedication and artistry have been featured in interviews and television appearances, including a spot on KSAT 12's SA Live TV show.

Services Offered by All Things Balloon, Inc.

Balloon Decorations:
All Things Balloon, Inc. specializes in creating breathtaking balloon decorations that elevate the ambiance of any event. Their balloon decor comes in various shapes and sizes, offering versatility for different purposes. Whether you need a focal point for your event or wish to tastefully conceal parts of the venue, their balloon decorations are both visually appealing and inviting for photo opportunities. Visit their website to draw inspiration from their previous designs and discuss how they can turn your event into something truly extraordinary.

Balloon Twisters:
With Ernie Shown as their resident Master Balloon Artist, All Things Balloon, Inc. takes balloon artistry to the next level. Ernie has had the privilege of learning from renowned balloon artists worldwide, allowing him to craft unique and original balloon sculptures. Their gallery showcases some of his best work, including impressive creations like the Blue Cobra and the Grey Cat. Ernie's motto, "I can build ANYTHING out of balloons .... given enough time and $$$," reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of balloon artistry. While some of these creations may require time and investment, they are always up for the challenge of bringing your balloon dreams to life.

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