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10 Hill St, Newark, NJ 07102, USA


Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry is a black wedding and event makeup artist based in the vibrant city of Newark, New Jersey. Owned and operated by the incredibly skilled Allegra Layton, this makeup artistry service is a testament to creativity, passion, and excellence.

Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry stands out as one of the best makeup artists in the world. With her unparalleled skills and unwavering dedication to her craft, Allegra has garnered a global reputation as a true artist who can bring out the inherent beauty in every individual.

As one of the best makeup artists in the US, Allegra Layton possesses a unique ability to curate exquisite looks that accentuate her clients' natural features flawlessly. Her innate talent, combined with her continuous pursuit of the latest makeup trends and techniques, sets her apart from the competition.

Situated in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry is a jewel among makeup artist vendors. Allegra's artistry lies in her ability to understand her clients' visions and transform them into reality. Whether you seek a classic, elegant look or a bold, contemporary style, Allegra's expertise knows no bounds.

At Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry, excellence is the norm. Her personalized approach and unwavering commitment to her clients' satisfaction ensure that each person feels cherished and beautiful on their special day. From weddings to grand events, Allegra has a magical touch that leaves her clients feeling confident and radiant.

If you're in search of a top-tier makeup artist in Newark, New Jersey, Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry is your ultimate choice. Her passion for her craft, coupled with her warm and friendly demeanor, guarantees an unforgettable makeup experience.

In conclusion, Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry, owned and led by the talented Allegra Layton, is undoubtedly one of the best makeup artists in the world and one of the best makeup artists in the US. As one of the finest makeup artist vendors in Newark, New Jersey, Allegra Layton offers an unparalleled level of artistry, professionalism, and personalized service. Don't miss the chance to work with Allegra on your special day – reach out today to book an appointment and let her work her magic, making your moments truly extraordinary. With Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry, you are guaranteed to look and feel like the best version of yourself, making your cherished events even more unforgettable.

Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry offers a comprehensive range of professional makeup services designed to cater to various needs and events. They provide:

Airbrush Makeup: Allegra Layton uses airbrush technology to apply makeup with a fine, even mist, creating a flawless and long-lasting finish. Airbrush makeup provides a lightweight feel and is ideal for events where you want your makeup to stay impeccable throughout the day.

Makeup Trial: For special occasions such as weddings or important events, Allegra Layton offers makeup trials. During these sessions, you can work closely with the makeup artist to try different looks and finalize the perfect makeup style to achieve the desired outcome on the main occasion.

On-site Makeup: Enjoy the convenience of professional makeup services brought directly to your location. Allegra Layton provides on-site makeup application, making it easy and stress-free to get ready for your event in the comfort of your chosen venue.

Strip & Individual Lashes: Enhance your eyelashes with a choice of strip lashes or individual lash application. Whether you prefer a subtle boost or a dramatic effect, Allegra Layton can expertly apply false lashes to complement your overall makeup look.

Tattoo Coverage: If you have tattoos that you'd like to conceal for a particular event or photoshoot, Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry offers tattoo coverage services. Using specialized makeup products and techniques, they can effectively camouflage tattoos to match your skin tone and provide seamless coverage.

Hair Services: In addition to makeup, Allegra Layton offers hair services to complete your look. From elegant updos to flowing curls or sleek hairstyles, their hairstylists can create a wide range of looks that perfectly complement your overall appearance.

Body Art: For events or projects requiring artistic and creative body makeup, Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry provides body art services. Whether it's for costume events, photo shoots, or artistic performances, their skilled artists can bring your vision to life.

Men's Grooming: Allegra Layton also caters to men's grooming needs, offering professional makeup services tailored to enhance their features and create a polished and refined look.

In summary, Allegra Layton Makeup Artistry offers a diverse set of beauty services, including airbrush makeup, makeup trials, on-site makeup application, lash enhancements, tattoo coverage, hair services, body art, and men's grooming. Their expertise ensures that you look your best for any occasion, and their on-site services add convenience and ease to the beauty preparation process.

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