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115 W 28th St 5th fl, New York, NY 10001, USA


Angel Salazar Design, nestled in the heart of New York, is a creative powerhouse in the floral design and events realm. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over a decade, Angel Salazar's journey has taken him across borders and continents, leaving a trail of exquisite events and breathtaking floral designs in his wake.

Crafting Extraordinary Experiences:

With an unwavering commitment to crafting extraordinary experiences, Angel Salazar has lent his expertise to a multitude of events both near and far. From domestic affairs to international soirées, his creative touch has graced venues across Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, and beyond.

A Portfolio of Prestige:

Angel Salazar's impressive portfolio reads like a who's who of luxury clientele. From fashion icons such as Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany & Co., to media powerhouses like CNN and Vanity Fair Magazine, his artistry has woven seamlessly into the fabric of high-end brands and names.

Global Footprints of Elegance:

The artistry of Angel Salazar has adorned some of the world's most iconic venues. His design vision has transformed spaces like The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center, The Plaza Hotel, The Waldorf Astoria, Academy Mansion New York City, and the illustrious Cipriani. His creativity knows no bounds, as he has also graced luxury venues on the West Coast, including The Terrenea Resort, The Ritz-Carlton, and The Montage Hotels.

A Symphony of Floral Elegance:

Angel Salazar's work is a symphony of floral elegance, meticulously orchestrated to reflect the essence of each event. His expertise extends beyond borders, offering an array of innovative concepts that are both timeless and captivating.

Services Offered by Angel Salazar Design:

Floral Design Mastery: Angel Salazar's mastery in floral design weaves the beauty of nature into every event, infusing it with elegance and charm.

Luxury Event Styling: With a keen eye for aesthetics, Angel Salazar elevates events to new heights, ensuring every element is a harmonious blend of sophistication.

International Expertise: Angel's experience spans the globe, offering his unique design sensibilities to events of all scales and across diverse cultures.

Elevate your event into a realm of artistic brilliance with Angel Salazar Design. Immerse yourself in a world where floral elegance and event expertise converge to create unforgettable memories.

Connect with Angel Salazar Design to curate an event that transcends boundaries and embraces creativity.

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