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2410 T Street Northeast, Arboretum, Washington, D.C., United States


B.Lin Catering, a reputable wedding caterer in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to providing special dining occasions where food inspires joy and celebration. Owner Benjamin Lin specialises in using flavours from many cultures throughout the world, and he customises each dinner to the preferences and requirements of his couples. B.Lin Catering provides ready-to-wed couples with catering services around Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

Services Offered

Consultation: B.Lin Catering will work closely with couples to understand their unique needs, preferences, and vision for their wedding catering. This consultation helps tailor the menu and services to suit the couple's desires.

Tastings: The catering service may offer tastings to allow the couple to sample the menu items before the wedding. This helps in finalizing the menu choices and ensuring the food meets the couple's expectations.

Delivery: B.Lin Catering can deliver the prepared food to the wedding venue, making the catering process more convenient for the couple and their guests.

Setup: The catering team will handle all aspects of setting up the dining area and food service stations, ensuring that everything looks and works perfectly for the event.

Family-style service: Family-style service involves serving platters of food to each table, allowing guests to pass the dishes and serve themselves, creating a communal and intimate dining experience.

Buffet service: A buffet service typically features a variety of dishes set up on a buffet table, where guests can help themselves to the food. Buffet service offers a wide selection of dishes to accommodate various tastes.

Plated service: Plated service involves serving individual courses to each guest at their tables. It offers a formal and elegant dining experience and allows for precise portion control.

Station service: Station service includes multiple food stations where different types of dishes are prepared and served, providing guests with a diverse culinary experience.

Hors d’oeuvres: B.Lin Catering can provide a selection of appetizers and finger foods to entertain and satisfy guests during cocktail hours or as part of the overall dining experience.

Server(s): The catering service may provide professional servers to ensure that the food is served and presented impeccably, and to attend to the needs of the guests throughout the event.

Cleanup: After the event, B.Lin Catering takes care of cleaning up the catering area, ensuring that the venue is left in excellent condition, so the couple and their guests don't have to worry about post-event cleanup.

Ready to elevate your wedding day with exquisite cuisine and flawless service? Let B.Lin Catering bring your culinary dreams to life. Contact them today to start planning the wedding celebration of your dreams!

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