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800 Whitlock Avenue Northwest, Marietta, GA, USA


Brides by Nona, nestled in the charming city of Marietta, Georgia, is a beacon of bridal couture excellence. Led by the visionary owner, Grace Ormonde, this Atlanta-based luxury brand has etched its name in the bridal fashion industry through its exquisite couture gowns. With innate creativity, intricate detailing, and masterful techniques, Brides by Nona is renowned for its fresh, elegant, and detailed juxtaposition of fine fabrics and authentic Swarovski crystals, offering brides an unparalleled experience in bridal attire.

About the Owner: Grace Ormonde

Grace Ormonde, the driving force behind Brides by Nona, is a luminary in the world of bridal fashion. With a keen eye for design, a passion for excellence, and a dedication to creating bridal masterpieces, Grace has transformed Brides by Nona into a name synonymous with luxury and opulence. Her commitment to crafting bridal gowns that embody the dreams and aspirations of each bride has earned her a well-deserved place at the forefront of the industry.

The Essence of Brides by Nona Brides

At its core, Brides by Nona Brides stands as a beacon of couture elegance. The brand is celebrated for its:

Fabulous Couture Gowns: Each gown crafted by Brides by Nona Brides is a masterpiece, a harmonious blend of design ingenuity, intricate detailing, and masterful techniques. These gowns transcend fashion, becoming heirlooms that brides cherish for a lifetime.

Intricate Detailing: Brides by Nona Brides is defined by its commitment to intricate detailing. From delicate lacework to hand-embroidered motifs, every element is meticulously considered, ensuring that each gown tells a unique and enchanting story.

Luxurious Fabrics: The brand is renowned for its selection of fine fabrics, each chosen for its sumptuous texture and ability to drape gracefully. The result is gowns that feel as extraordinary as they look.

Swarovski Crystals: An authentic touch of luxury is added with the use of genuine Swarovski crystals. These crystals not only dazzle but also create a captivating interplay of light and movement, making every bride feel like a radiant star.

Our Services

Brides by Nona Brides extends its artistic touch to a range of clients, including:

Bride: The centerpiece of our focus, brides receive personalized attention to ensure their wedding attire is an embodiment of their dreams.

Bridesmaids: Bridal parties are treated to the same level of sophistication, with gowns that complement the bride's vision.

Mother of the Bride: Ensuring that mothers look and feel their best, Brides by Nona Brides creates elegant ensembles that exude grace and refinement.

Mother of the Groom: Groom's mothers receive equal attention, with attire that mirrors their unique style and personality.

Couture Renderings

Our expertise extends beyond wedding gowns to include:

Wedding Gowns: The pièce de résistance of our collection, where bridal fantasies come to life.

Evening Gowns: For those seeking opulence beyond weddings, our evening gowns redefine glamour.

Children's Dresses: Ensuring that even the youngest members of the bridal party are dressed in elegance and comfort.

Brides by Nona Brides invites you to immerse yourself in the world of pure luxury, where bridal dreams are transformed into breathtaking realities. With Grace Ormonde at the helm, this Atlanta-based luxury brand continues to be the embodiment of sophistication, creativity, and elegance in bridal couture. It's not just about wedding gowns; it's about creating timeless memories and celebrating the essence of each bride. Experience the artistry; experience Brides by Nona Brides.

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