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555 West Date Street, San Diego, CA 92101, USA


Frost Me, an illustrious luxury bakery nestled in the vibrant landscape of San Diego, California, has risen to fame as both the reigning champions of Food Network's Cupcake Wars and the city's premier full-service bakery. With an unwavering commitment to crafting confections that merge exquisite flavors with artistic designs, Frost Me takes pride in delivering desserts that not only delight the taste buds but also ignite a sensory journey.

A Taste of Excellence: Cupcake Wars Champions

Frost Me has solidified its reputation by securing the coveted title of Food Network's Cupcake Wars champions, a testament to their culinary prowess and innovative approach. This accolade showcases their ability to push boundaries, marrying distinctive flavors with captivating presentation. As champions, they bring the same level of excellence to their bakery, raising the bar for gourmet desserts in San Diego.

Artisanal Designs and Unparalleled Flavors

Dedicated to the art of dessert creation, Frost Me remains committed to crafting homemade delights that embody the perfect fusion of flavors and aesthetics. With each creation, they honor the essence of quality, employing their expertise to create edible masterpieces. Whether it's a celebration cake, a batch of meticulously designed cupcakes, or an assortment of delectable pastries, Frost Me ensures that every bite resonates with luxury and culinary finesse.

A Glimpse into the Bakery Owner's Vision

At the helm of Frost Me is a visionary owner Audrey Hermes, who champions creativity and culinary excellence. Drawing inspiration from the diverse culinary world and a deep-rooted passion for baking, the owner infuses every creation with a distinct touch of innovation. This dedication to pushing boundaries has propelled Frost Me to the forefront of San Diego's baking scene, redefining dessert experiences one masterpiece at a time.

Comprehensive Services for Every Occasion

Frost Me is not merely a bakery; it is an experience designed to elevate celebrations and create lasting memories. The array of services they offer caters to a wide spectrum of occasions, ensuring that every event is marked by sophistication and indulgence:

Consultations: Frost Me begins every culinary journey with a personalized consultation, understanding the client's vision and translating it into delectable reality.

Custom Design: Every dessert crafted at Frost Me is an artistic creation. From wedding cakes that narrate love stories to intricately designed cupcakes, their custom designs exemplify attention to detail.

Delivery and Setup: Frost Me relieves clients of logistical worries by offering seamless delivery and setup services. Their commitment extends beyond the kitchen, ensuring that desserts reach their destination in pristine condition.

Tastings - Open House: For a glimpse into their delectable offerings, Frost Me hosts open-house tastings, inviting clients to experience their range of flavors and designs firsthand.

Tastings - Private: Frost Me elevates the tasting experience with private sessions, allowing clients to explore their dessert options in an intimate and focused setting.

Frost Me stands as a testament to the marriage of culinary artistry and luxury. From their championship triumphs to their position as San Diego's leading bakery, they continue to redefine dessert experiences. The passion, innovation, and dedication of the owner and the Frost Me team shine through in every dessert they create. With their commitment to quality, unique flavors, and bespoke designs, Frost Me transforms celebrations into unforgettable journeys of taste and aesthetics.

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