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Atlanta, GA, USA


At the heart of Atlanta's floral scene lies Caroline Worth Design, a celebrated flower shop where artistic expression blooms under the expert guidance of Caroline. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in drawing and painting, earned in 2011, Caroline seamlessly fuses her profound artistic knowledge and skills into the enchanting world of floral design. Her journey as a floral designer is distinct, dri by a desire to liberate floral art from the constraints of tradition. Every petal and arrangement she crafts bears the mark of her background as a visual artist, a testament to her dedication to infusing each creation with creativity and a distinctive touch. In breaking free from conventional norms, Caroline elevates floral art to a new level, where each piece is a unique and individualized masterpiece.

Services Offered:

Custom Floral Packages:

Caroline Worth Design offers tailor-made packages to suit diverse needs and preferences. They understand that every event is unique, and therefore, all packages can be entirely customized. This flexibility allows clients to align their floral arrangements with their specific budget, style, color palette, and textures.

Event Floral Design:

Specializing in event floral design, they bring a touch of artistry to every occasion. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or any special gathering, Caroline Worth Design ensures that the floral arrangements seamlessly blend with the event's theme, making each event an extraordinary experience.

Expertise Rooted in Atlanta

Based in Atlanta, Caroline Worth Design is deeply ingrained in the vibrant artistic community of the city. Caroline Worth's artistic background and extensive experience as a floral designer uniquely position them as trendsetters in the realm of floral artistry.

Discover the exceptional artistry of floral design with Caroline Worth Design. Reach out to them today to embark on a floral journey that reflects your style and transforms your event into a true masterpiece.

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