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Maryland 295, Baltimore, MD, United States


Cast83 is a dynamic photography and videography duo, composed of Yianni and Sam, based in the vibrant heart of Baltimore - Canton, Maryland. With a passionate belief in capturing authentic moments and genuine emotions, they specialize in crafting visual stories that transport clients back to the feelings and experiences of special occasions.

Owners and Creative Minds:

Yianni and Sam, the creative forces behind Cast83, bring a unique blend of artistic vision, technical skill, and genuine warmth to their work. Their philosophy centers on the idea that the most compelling and cherished visual memories are those that unfold naturally, capturing the true essence of each moment. With a shared commitment to making clients feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, they transform the photography and videography process into a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Client Experience:

Cast83's approach is deeply rooted in creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for their clients. With a laid-back demeanor and a knack for finding humor in the moment, Yianni and Sam ensure that everyone is having fun throughout the process. They thrive on collaboration and partnership, inviting clients to actively participate in shaping the narrative of their visual story. The testimonials from their satisfied couples reflect their dedication, professionalism, and ability to seamlessly blend into the background while capturing every significant detail.

Services Offered:

Photography & Videography: Cast83 specializes in both photography and videography, ensuring that every aspect of your event is captured in the most captivating and evocative manner. Whether through beautifully composed images or expertly crafted video footage, they work collaboratively to encapsulate the essence of your occasion.

Engagement Shoots: Before your big day, Cast83 offers engagement shoots that provide an opportunity to capture your love and connection in a relaxed setting. These sessions not only result in stunning images but also serve as an excellent way to build rapport with the photographers, ensuring a seamless experience on your wedding day.

High-Resolution Images: Cast83 is dedicated to delivering high-resolution images that capture the finest details, colors, and emotions of your event. These images are not only visually stunning but also hold the power to transport you back to the moments they were taken.

One Event / Day: Each booking with Cast83 ensures their undivided attention for your event. They focus solely on your special day, ensuring that every crucial moment is captured without any distractions.

Second Shooter: To provide comprehensive coverage and capture multiple angles, Cast83 offers the option of a second shooter. This enhances the depth and variety of your visual narrative, ensuring that no significant moment goes unnoticed.

Video: In addition to their exceptional photography services, Cast83's videography talents bring a dynamic and cinematic element to your visual story. Their videos are expertly edited to encapsulate the emotions, energy, and highlights of your event.

With a commitment to crafting visual narratives that resonate with clients on a deeply emotional level, Cast83 invites you to connect with them over a craft beer or coffee to explore how they can bring your unique story to life.

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