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Austin, TX 78753, USA


Chef in Texas, an Austin-based wedding catering company, brings over a decade of expertise to the table, making your special day an unforgettable culinary experience. Led by the talented Chef Beatriz and her dedicated team, the company is committed to crafting exceptional meals that celebrate your love story.

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, Chef in Texas brings the city's vibrant energy and diverse culinary influences to your wedding, offering a unique blend of flavors and experiences.


A Decade of Culinary Mastery

With over a decade of experience specializing in weddings and special events, Chef Beatriz and her team possess the skills to transform your wedding dining into a masterpiece. Their expertise ensures that every dish is crafted to perfection, leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Tailored Culinary Creations

Chef in Texas offers a versatile array of serving styles, including cocktail receptions, food stations, buffet spreads, and plated menus. Their culinary creations are not only thoughtfully presented but also meticulously prepared with the finest ingredients. The team's culinary versatility allows them to cater to various dietary restrictions, ensuring that all guests can enjoy the feast without compromise.

Global Inspirations, Local Delicacies

Embracing flavors from around the world, Chef in Texas presents a diverse array of dishes, from fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables to savory meats and expertly seasoned creations. Whether you desire international flair or local favorites, the team's culinary prowess shines through in every bite.

Chef in Texas infuses your wedding celebration with a touch of culinary magic. With Chef Beatriz at the helm and a team passionate about bringing your vision to life, expect nothing less than an extraordinary dining experience. From global inspirations to local delicacies, the team's dedication to excellence ensures that each dish is a work of art that tells your story. As you collaborate with Chef in Texas, anticipate a wedding feast that embodies your love and reflects your distinct taste—a celebration of flavors that lingers in the hearts and memories of your guests.

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