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Woodridge Aurora, IL, 60517


Nichole Young is a talented harpist based in Woodridge, Illinois, who has been an integral part of the wedding and event industry since 2008. Her expertise lies in enhancing the ambiance of wedding ceremonies and other significant life events through the mesmerizing sounds of her harp. Nichole's dedication to her craft and commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for her clients have made her a sought-after choice for those seeking a touch of elegance and beauty on their special day.

The Elegance of Harp Music

Nichole Young's harp not only sounds enchanting but also exudes an air of sophistication that elevates any occasion. Her music creates an atmosphere that resonates in the hearts of the guests, leaving them with memories they will cherish forever. Her exceptional skills and passion for the harp shine through in every performance, making her a true artist in her field.

Tailored Musical Experience

Nichole Young understands that each couple is unique and has their own musical preferences. She takes pride in collaborating with her clients to curate a personalized setlist that holds special meaning to them. Whether it's a favorite song or a specific style, Nichole's versatility allows her to perform a wide range of music genres, including Classical, Celtic, American jazz standards, Show tunes, Movie themes, and Modern pop/rock. Moreover, she is open to learning and performing new songs that hold sentimental value for the couple, ensuring that their musical desires are met.

Virtual Music Performances

In response to the challenges posed by unprecedented times, Nichole Young has adapted her services to include Virtual Music Performances. This allows clients to experience her enchanting harp music from the comfort and safety of their own homes. For more information on virtual performances, interested parties are encouraged to inquire directly.

Harp Melodies By Nichole

Harp Music for Any Occasion

Nichole Young has a deep passion for her craft, which is evident as she steps onto the stage. Her primary goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone present can momentarily escape the burdens and cares of the outside world. She aims to establish a shared sacred space through the power of music, uniting the audience in a harmonious and transcendent experience.

Nichole Young's Wedding Services

Nichole Young offers a comprehensive array of wedding services to meet the unique needs of every couple. Her services include:

Ceremony Music: Elevate your wedding ceremony with the enchanting sounds of the harp.

Cocktail Hour Music:
Set the perfect ambiance during your cocktail hour with live harp music.

Learn New Songs: If you have a special song in mind, Nichole is more than willing to learn and perform it for you.

Ensure that your guests can hear every note with the use of microphones for larger venues or outdoor settings.

Reception Music:
Continue the enchantment into your reception with harp music that sets the mood.

Rehearsal Dinner Music:
Create a delightful and relaxed atmosphere for your rehearsal dinner with live harp

Nichole Young's dedication to her craft and her commitment to making every event memorable through her harp music are truly remarkable. Her ability to create an enchanting atmosphere and her willingness to tailor her performances to the preferences of her clients make her a top choice for weddings and special events in Woodridge, Illinois, and beyond.

Thank you for considering Nichole Young as your harpist, and for allowing her to be part of your special day.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact Nichole Young directly.

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