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1340 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230, USA


Are you seeking an exceptional open-format DJ to bring a dynamic vibe to your Maryland event? Look no further than DJ Steezy from Deadduck Music Ent. LLC. With over 4 years of thriving in the Baltimore music scene, DJ Steezy is renowned as one of the city's finest DJs, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 30 residencies in hotspots like Fed Hill, Fells Point, Canton, and Towson, as well as Annapolis and Washington DC.

DJ Steezy's musical journey originates from Deep House, influenced by his father, a former DJ from the iconic PT Flagg's and O'Dells club era of the 80s. This legacy has instilled a deep appreciation for 80's and 90's House music, which he masterfully infuses into his sets. His career commenced with Dr. Spinn Entertainment LLC in 2018, swiftly securing his first residency within a year. As an all-around artist with a Graphic Design background, DJ Steezy also crafts his own promotions, showcasing his creative prowess.

Diversifying his craft, DJ Steezy ventured into music production after 2 years, yielding numerous Remixes, Mash Ups, Bootlegs, and 20 Original Songs. Notably, he contributed to local artist Brian Glo's track "Twerk" in 2021, ultimately undertaking mixing and mastering for Glo's full album, "Peace and Power Vol. 3." In late 2021, DJ Steezy released his debut 5-song EP, "House of Steez. Vol.1," followed by Vol. 2 in mid-2022. Later that year, he established his own enterprise, Deadduck Music Ent. LLC.

Embodying Bruce Lee's philosophy, DJ Steezy mirrors water's adaptability, seamlessly transitioning between genres. His sets encompass a plethora of musical styles, including top 40's, Hip Hop, Rock, House, EDM, Mombaton, Neo Soul, Latin, and Reggaeton, promising a captivating auditory experience for any occasion.

Are you ready to enhance your event with the extraordinary sounds of DJ Steezy? Contact us now to secure his unmatched talents for your next gathering. From intimate engagements to lavish weddings and grand events, DJ Steezy guarantees an unforgettable performance that resonates with diverse audiences. Book him today and let the music flow!

Elevate your event with the exceptional talents of DJ Steezy, a distinguished Black American event DJ based in Maryland. With a unique blend of creativity, musical versatility, and a deep-rooted passion for entertainment, DJ Steezy is your ultimate choice for creating memorable moments at weddings, engagements, and various events. Explore the range of services he provides:

Open-Format DJ Performance: Experience the magic of DJ Steezy's open-format sets that seamlessly bridge genres. From Hip Hop and Rock to House, EDM, Mombaton, Neo Soul, Latin, and Reggaeton, his musical artistry ensures a diverse and energetic atmosphere that resonates with every guest.

Music Production and Remixes: DJ Steezy's creative prowess extends to music production, delivering captivating remixes, mash-ups, and bootlegs that infuse your event with a distinct vibe. His unique approach to crafting customized mixes sets your occasion apart.

Live Performances: With over 4 years of experience, DJ Steezy has honed the skill of reading the crowd and curating electrifying live performances. His intuitive ability to connect with audiences guarantees a dynamic and engaging experience for all attendees.

Graphic Design for Promotions: Beyond music, DJ Steezy offers graphic design services that enhance your event's visual appeal. Elevate your promotional materials with captivating designs, showcasing his artistic talents and ensuring a cohesive event identity.

Event Expertise: Having graced numerous Maryland venues, including Fed Hill, Fells Point, Canton, Towson, Annapolis, and Washington DC, DJ Steezy brings local expertise and adaptability to each event. His profound understanding of different venues contributes to an immersive experience.

Professionalism and Passion: DJ Steezy's commitment to his craft is matched only by his professionalism. His attention to detail and dedication to creating unforgettable musical moments underscore his genuine passion for his art.

Customizable Packages: DJ Steezy offers customizable packages tailored to your event's unique needs, whether it's an intimate engagement, a grand wedding celebration, or a corporate gathering. Collaborate with him to design an experience that aligns with your vision.

Celebrate the essence of music and diversity with DJ Steezy, a Black American DJ who exemplifies excellence in entertainment. Contact DJ Steezy today to discuss your event requirements and secure his exceptional talents. With his distinct musical styles and unwavering commitment, DJ Steezy promises an extraordinary DJ experience that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

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