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250 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231, USA


Denise Fasanello Flowers, rooted in New York, is a realm where the artist's discerning eye and the untamed beauty of nature converge. This creative haven draws inspiration from art history, decorative arts, fashion, and interior design to sculpt events that are truly extraordinary.

Crafting Nature's Beauty:

The heart of Denise Fasanello Flowers lies in crafting exuberant and natural-looking floral designs that breathe life into weddings and life's special moments. Beyond events, they extend their artistic touch to create custom florals and indoor gardens that grace residential and corporate interiors.

Customizing Inspired Moments:

Denise Fasanello Flowers is dedicated to creating experiences that are a symphony of artistry and nature. With a deep respect for both, they curate designs that transform events into living works of art. Their inspiration springs from a fusion of diverse sources, including art history, interior design, and fashion.

A Canvas of Corporate Creativity:

Denise Fasanello Flowers' artistry has adorned corporate landscapes, adding a touch of enchantment to brands like Macy’s, Chanel, L’Oréal, Lancôme, St. Germain, The Advertising Women of New York, and The Nature Conservatory. Their floral installations stand as testaments to their ability to merge nature's beauty with corporate elegance.

Services Offered by Denise Fasanello Flowers:

Exuberant Floral Designs: Infuse events with the untamed beauty of nature through exquisite, natural-looking floral designs that resonate with the essence of the occasion.

Custom Residential and Corporate Florals: Elevate interiors with custom-designed florals and indoor gardens that bring a touch of nature's elegance to residential and corporate spaces.

Step into the world of artistry and nature with Denise Fasanello Flowers. Connect with them today to craft an event that blends creative vision and natural beauty into an unforgettable masterpiece.

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