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Osan Japanese Restaurant, Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA


Seth Casana provides music for both background environments and the dance floor. He also offers MC services and sound amplification for officiants, speakers, and other live musical performers. He works closely with couples to ensure that the songs played suit their preferences. Seth can also guide couples who are unsure of what they want to hear at their wedding. If you need the party to get lit, he offers a dance floor lighting package that really amps up the atmosphere. Finally, he is able to manage as many microphone and sound system setups as are necessary for your event.

For couples who need something above and beyond the traditional wedding DJ, Seth also offers his Walking Disco project. This custom-designed, chest-mounted DJ console is entirely battery-powered and allows him to provide music almost anywhere. Whether you're at the beach or on top of a mountain, if he can walk there, he can bring the party—no power outlet needed.

This musical expert is eager to see your big day be a big success. If you think Seth Casana would be a good fit for your wedding, he offers free consultations and rate estimates.

As a true connoisseur of sound, DJ Seth Casana offers a diverse range of services that go beyond ordinary expectations, ensuring that every moment of your event is transformed into a symphony of emotions.

Customized Musical Atmospheres: DJ Seth Casana masterfully crafts music for both the background environment and the dance floor, seamlessly transitioning between moods and energies. Whether it's setting the perfect tone during cocktail hours or igniting the dance floor with pulsating beats, he curates a musical journey that resonates with your event's unique ambiance.

MC Services and Sound Amplification: With a knack for entertainment and seamless transitions, DJ Seth Casana steps into the role of master of ceremonies, guiding your event with precision and charisma. His sound amplification expertise extends to officiants, speakers, and live musical performers, ensuring that every voice is heard with crystal clarity.

Personalized Song Selection: DJ Seth Casana understands the power of music to encapsulate emotions and memories. He collaborates closely with couples to curate a playlist that aligns with their preferences, crafting a soundtrack that narrates their love story and enhances the event's emotional depth.

Guidance and Expertise: For those seeking guidance or unsure of their musical preferences, DJ Seth Casana acts as a trusted advisor. His years of experience allow him to offer insights and suggestions that transform uncertainties into musical magic, ensuring your event's sonic landscape is perfectly aligned with your vision.

Dance Floor Lighting Package: Taking the party to the next level, DJ Seth Casana offers a dance floor lighting package that infuses the atmosphere with dynamic visuals. The interplay of lights and music creates an electrifying ambiance, igniting the dance floor with energy and excitement.

Comprehensive Sound Management: DJ Seth Casana takes care of every detail when it comes to sound, managing multiple microphone and sound system setups as necessary. With his expertise, your event's sound quality is guaranteed to be impeccable, ensuring that every word and note resonates flawlessly.

Walking Disco Project: For couples seeking a unique and unconventional musical experience, DJ Seth Casana introduces his Walking Disco project. With a custom-designed, chest-mounted DJ console that's entirely battery-powered, he can provide music virtually anywhere. From serene beaches to majestic mountaintops, DJ Seth Casana brings the party to you, without the need for a power outlet.

Free Consultations and Rate Estimates: DJ Seth Casana's commitment to excellence extends to his customer service. He offers free consultations and rate estimates, allowing couples to explore the possibilities and envision the magic he can bring to their big day.

Experience the fusion of art and music with DJ Seth Casana. From subtle melodies to pulsating beats, he transforms your event into a tapestry of sound, emotion, and memories that will linger in hearts for a lifetime. To explore the magic that DJ Seth Casana can create for your wedding, reach out for a consultation and let the journey of sonic enchantment begin.

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