Emory Conference Center Hotel

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1615 East Clifton Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA, USA

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$ 12,000-14,000


Based in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the Emory Conference Center Hotel stands as an enchanting haven for those seeking the perfect event venue. With its picturesque charm and refined elegance, this esteemed venue has rightfully earned its place as one of the top event venues not just in Georgia, but across the entire United States.

The Emory Conference Center Hotel caters to those with a taste for the extraordinary. Boasting a captivating blend of romance and sophistication, it provides a selection of event spaces that are nothing short of exquisite. These spaces have been thoughtfully designed to set the stage for dreamy ceremonies and receptions that linger in memory like a cherished melody.

Elevating the experience is the venue's extraordinary staff, dedicated to transcending expectations and turning your wedding visions into tangible reality. Their commitment to ensuring every detail is meticulously attended to is what truly sets the Emory Conference Center Hotel apart.

In a realm where every detail matters and every moment is significant, the Emory Conference Center Hotel shines as an unparalleled gem among event venues. Its dedication to excellence, coupled with its exquisite offerings, establishes it as a top event venue not only within the beautiful state of Georgia but also on a national stage. For those with a penchant for elegance and a desire for an event that lingers in the heart, this is where dreams take shape and memories are woven.

Emory Conference Center Hotel Event Venue Amenities and Details:

Dressing Room: Offering a private haven for the bride and groom to prepare for their special day, ensuring every moment is picture-perfect.

Handicap Accessible: Ensuring that all guests, regardless of mobility, can seamlessly enjoy the event's splendor.

Indoor Event Space: Providing a comfortable and climate-controlled environment for celebrations regardless of weather conditions.

Liability Insurance: Offering peace of mind and safeguarding your event against unforeseen circumstances.

On-Site Accommodations: Conveniently allowing guests to stay right where the magic unfolds, creating a seamless experience.

Outdoor Event Space: Embracing the beauty of nature, the venue offers an outdoor area for those who prefer the open air.

Reception Area: An elegantly designed space to host post-ceremony festivities, fostering an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Wireless Internet: Ensuring guests stay connected while indulging in the event's splendor.

Venue Service Offerings:

Bar & Drinks: An assortment of beverages to keep the celebration spirits high and glasses brimming with delight.

Food & Catering: A culinary experience crafted with creativity and care, catering to a diverse range of palates.

Rentals & Equipment: From tables and chairs to decorative elements, the venue ensures that every detail is covered.

Service Staff: A team of dedicated professionals poised to provide impeccable service, tending to every guest's need with finesse.

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