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Eagle Eagle, ID, 83616


Based in the picturesque city of Eagle, Idaho, DJ Matt Phipps is a highly sought-after wedding DJ service provider known for creating unforgettable musical experiences. Serving an extensive range of locations, including San Diego, Palm Springs, Orange County, Las Vegas, Portland, Boise, Lake Tahoe, and beyond, DJ Matt Phipps brings the perfect blend of professionalism, talent, and passion to your special day.

Meet the Owner:

At the helm of DJ Matt Phipps is the eponymous owner, Matt Phipps. With years of experience and a deep love for music, Matt has honed his craft to perfection, making him a trusted name in the wedding DJ industry. His commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment is second to none. Matt's dedication to creating personalized and memorable experiences for couples is evident in every event he undertakes.

Services Offered:

DJ Matt Phipps understands that no two weddings are alike. During a personalized consultation, Matt collaborates with couples to understand their vision, preferences, and musical tastes. This ensures that the music selection perfectly complements the atmosphere and theme of the event.

Do-Not-Play List:
Your wedding day should be exactly as you envision it. DJ Matt Phipps allows you to curate a "Do-Not-Play" list, ensuring that any songs you don't want to hear won't make an appearance, giving you complete control over the playlist.

Liability Insurance: DJ Matt Phipps prioritizes your peace of mind by providing liability insurance. This precautionary measure ensures that you and your guests are protected against unexpected mishaps, allowing you to fully enjoy your celebration without worry.

Master of Ceremonies (MC):
Beyond music, Matt serves as an engaging and charismatic MC, guiding the flow of your wedding reception seamlessly. His ability to captivate an audience ensures that your guests are entertained and informed throughout the event.

One Event Per Day:
DJ Matt Phipps operates on a one-event-per-day policy, guaranteeing that your wedding receives his undivided attention and expertise. Your special day is his sole focus, ensuring a flawless performance.

Video Projection: To add a visually stunning dimension to your celebration, DJ Matt Phipps offers video projection services. This feature can enhance your wedding's ambiance and create memorable moments for you and your guests.

Beyond Boundaries:

While based in Eagle, Idaho, DJ Matt Phipps is not confined by geographic limits. This talented DJ and his team are dedicated to serving couples across a broad spectrum of locations, making your dream destination wedding a reality.

DJ Matt Phipps is more than just a wedding DJ service – it's a promise of an extraordinary auditory experience, curated to reflect your unique love story. With the expertise of owner Matt Phipps and a range of comprehensive services, your wedding day will be filled with harmonious melodies, unforgettable moments, and lasting memories. Choose DJ Matt Phipps to turn your wedding into a celebration that resonates in the hearts of everyone in attendance.

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