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United States Postal Service, Hahani Street, Kailua, Hawaii 96734, USA


Sanddollars Floral, a renowned wedding florist located in the picturesque Kailua, Hawaii, has been creating enchanting weddings since its inception in 2002. Founded by the talented Makiko Epling, Sanddollars Floral has been celebrated for its dedication to crafting stunning floral arrangements that transform weddings into unforgettable events. As the owner and principal designer, Makiko Epling brings her expertise and a wealth of experience to every wedding, ensuring that each couple's vision is brought to life through the magic of flowers.

Founder's Expertise

Makiko Epling's journey to becoming a sought-after wedding florist is marked by a commitment to mastering her craft. Born and raised in Japan, Makiko pursued her passion for floral design with unwavering determination. She holds an Advanced Floral Design Certificate from the prestigious Floral Design Institute of Portland, Oregon, recognized for its excellence in floral education. Additionally, she earned a specialized certificate in decoration and arrangement from the esteemed Jane Packer Flower School in London, England. Makiko's international training has enriched her design sensibilities and allows her to infuse a touch of global elegance into her work.

Distinctive Floral Styles

At Sanddollars Floral, the commitment to meeting the diverse preferences of couples remains unwavering. The expansion of the business involves offering an even wider array of floral styles to cater to every couple's unique taste. In addition to the current offerings of European design and tropical wedding flowers, Sanddollars Floral is excited to introduce new styles such as:

Bohemian Chic: Embracing the free-spirited and whimsical, this style combines an eclectic mix of blooms and greenery to create an effortlessly romantic atmosphere.

Vintage Glamour: Perfect for couples who adore the timeless elegance of bygone eras, this style features opulent arrangements with a hint of nostalgia.

Minimalist Elegance: For those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity, this style focuses on clean lines, monochromatic palettes, and striking single-flower arrangements.

Wild and Organic: Inspired by the natural world, this style incorporates wildflowers, textured foliage, and unstructured designs for an organic and earthy feel.

Expanded Services

To ensure every couple's wedding is beautifully decorated and tailored to their specific vision, Sanddollars Floral is delighted to introduce an expanded range of services. These services include:

Destination Wedding Packages: Recognizing Hawaii's allure as a wedding destination, Sanddollars Floral offers comprehensive destination wedding packages, covering everything from venue decoration to bridal party florals.

Floral Workshops: For couples who wish to infuse a personal touch into their wedding, Sanddollars Floral now offers floral workshops. These hands-on sessions allow couples to create their own floral arrangements under the guidance of Makiko Epling.

Seasonal Floral Collections: Sanddollars Floral is committed to using the freshest and most seasonal blooms available. The introduction of seasonal floral collections ensures that each wedding is aligned with the natural beauty of Hawaii's flora throughout the year.

Online Consultations: In response to the evolving needs of couples, Sanddollars Floral now offers virtual consultations, allowing couples to discuss designs, preferences, and concerns from the comfort of their homes.

Sustainable Floral Options: Sanddollars Floral is taking strides towards sustainability by offering eco-friendly floral options, such as locally sourced blooms and reusable floral decor.

Makiko Epling and the Sanddollars Floral team are excited to embark on this journey of expansion, continuing to make dreams come true one petal at a time. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, artistic innovation, and personalized service, Sanddollars Floral is poised to elevate the wedding floral experience to new heights in Kailua, Hawaii, and beyond.

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