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297 Main Street, Metuchen, NJ 08840, USA


Nestled in the heart of Metuchen, New Jersey, Gardenias Floral stands as a testament to exquisite floral artistry, dedicated to making your special day an unforgettable masterpiece. With a commitment to creating stunning arrangements that align with your vision and budget, Gardenias Floral is the epitome of floral elegance, transforming wedding dreams into vibrant reality.

About the Owner: Samantha Adam

At the helm of Gardenias Floral is Samantha Adam, a visionary artist and founder whose passion for floral design is matched only by her dedication to environmental sustainability. Samantha's journey began with a love for nature's beauty and a desire to share it with the world. Her creativity knows no bounds, and her designs are a testament to her ability to translate emotions into floral art. Samantha's innovative spirit is mirrored in her environmentally conscious practices, making Gardenias Floral not only a symbol of artistic excellence but also a beacon of eco-friendly entrepreneurship.

Eco-Conscious Floral Artistry

Gardenias Floral isn't just a floral shop; it's a testament to environmental stewardship. Embracing a commitment to sustainability, the florists at Gardenias Floral have woven eco-conscious practices into the very fabric of their art. They compost flower clippings, reduce waste through recycled vases, and offer a stunning selection of locally grown and Veriflora-certified flowers. This unique blend of beauty and responsibility makes Gardenias Floral a pioneer in the industry, proving that breathtaking florals and a sustainable ethos can thrive together.

Comprehensive Services for a Seamless Experience

Gardenias Floral offers an array of services that encapsulate the entire floral design journey:

Setup: The Gardenias Floral team orchestrates a seamless setup, ensuring that each petal is perfectly placed and every arrangement aligns with your vision.

Floral Preservation: For those who wish to cherish their wedding blooms beyond the day, Gardenias Floral provides guidance on preserving flowers, allowing you to relive the beauty for years to come.

Cleanup: Your celebration's end doesn't signal the end of Gardenias Floral's support. Their team handles the post-event cleanup, ensuring your event space is left as pristine as it was before.

Venue Visits and Consultations: The experts at Gardenias Floral invest time in understanding your preferences, visiting the venue, and collaborating closely with you to ensure a harmonious and stunning floral presentation.

Gardenias Floral is more than a floral shop; it's a haven of creativity, sustainability, and refined artistry. Under the guidance of Samantha Adam, the team transforms flowers into emotive expressions that grace your special day with elegance and beauty. With a dedication to both your dreams and the environment, Gardenias Floral stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of wedding and event floristry, ensuring that every event is an unforgettable experience for both you and the planet.

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