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Nestled in the heart of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Seoul Centered Films stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of professional videography, specializing in the immortalization of weddings and nuptial events. This flourishing enterprise is the brainchild of Ben, a visionary film enthusiast who possesses an innate gift for weaving captivating stories through the lens of his camera.

The Visionary Behind the Lens: Ben's Story

At the heart of Seoul Centered Films lies the passion and talent of its owner, Ben. A true film aficionado, Ben has an uncanny ability to breathe life into stories through his artistry. What began as a personal fascination with the magic of cinema transformed into a full-fledged venture driven by his unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of love, commitment, and joy.

Ben's journey is a testament to the power of turning passion into profession. Drawing inspiration from both his cinematic influences and the unique love stories he encounters, he has elevated Seoul Centered Films into a realm where creativity knows no bounds. With an eye for detail, an ear for emotions, and a heart for storytelling, Ben ensures that every wedding film is a masterpiece that couples will treasure for a lifetime.

Comprehensive and Affordable Packages: Simplifying Wedding Experiences

Seoul Centered Films takes pride in making wedding videography an accessible and streamlined process. Their base packages are not only comprehensive but also budget-friendly, allowing couples to relish in the magic of their day without breaking the bank. The base package includes:

4K Wedding Film: Capturing every intricate detail in breathtaking 4K quality, Seoul Centered Films creates wedding films that are a visual delight and a true work of art.

Eight Hours of Coverage: From the early morning preparations to the late-night revelries, Ben and his team are dedicated to documenting every moment that contributes to the narrative of the day.

Drone Footage: Offering a bird's-eye view of the celebration, drone footage adds a unique perspective that enhances the storytelling and captures the grandeur of the occasion.

Backup Videographer: Ensuring no moment goes unnoticed, the inclusion of a backup videographer provides multi-perspective coverage, capturing diverse angles and candid interactions.

One-of-a-Kind Add-Ons and Services

Seoul Centered Films goes beyond convention by offering a range of add-ons and services that allow couples to tailor their experience:

Full Ceremony Video: A dedicated recording of the entire ceremony ensures that every vow, tear, and heartfelt exchange is captured in its entirety.

Additional Hours: For events that extend beyond the traditional timeframe, additional hours can be added to the package to ensure no precious moment is left undocumented.

High-Quality Editing: Through skillful editing, each film is transformed into a visual masterpiece, expertly arranged to narrate the story with elegance and emotion.

Wedding Teasers: Creating anticipation and excitement, wedding teasers offer a sneak peek into the enchanting tale that the full film will reveal.

Raw Footage: For those who desire the unfiltered, unedited moments, the option of raw footage provides a genuine glimpse into the day's events.

Seoul Centered Films, led by the visionary Ben, stands as a testament to the magic of storytelling through film. With a commitment to simplicity, artistry, and accessibility, this Minnesota-based videography company transforms weddings into cinematic masterpieces that resonate with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Whether through base packages or personalized add-ons, Ben and his team ensure that each couple's unique journey is celebrated in a way that is as extraordinary as their love story itself.

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