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Paramus, NJ, USA


Excel Live - Unleash a New Dynamic at Your Event

Looking for a DJ/Band hybrid that will take your event to the next level? Look no further than Excel Live. Based in Paramus, NJ, Excel Live brings you a unique fusion of live musicians and the precision of DJing. With us, the DJ is not just an add-on; they are an integral part of the band, creating a seamless blend of live energy and musical versatility.

What sets Excel Live apart is the endless possibilities we bring to your event. Our talented DJ, together with our exceptional musicians, will ignite the atmosphere, keeping your guests dancing and partying all night long. Whether it's a wedding reception, engagement party , or video event, we have the expertise and passion to deliver an unforgettable experience.

At Excel Live, we specialize in creating a vibrant and dynamic ambiance tailored to your event's needs. Our DJ and band members work in perfect harmony, ensuring that every beat and melody resonates with your audience. With our extensive repertoire spanning various genres, we cater to diverse musical preferences, guaranteeing an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Stay connected with us and discover all the incredible things Excel Live can do for you. Follow us on Instagram to receive updates on our latest performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and client testimonials. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, and we're excited to bring our unique DJ/Band hybrid to your special occasion.

Wedding DJ: At MD Music & Entertainment, their expert DJ services are designed to set the perfect tone for your wedding day. They understand that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and their team is committed to creating an enchanting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression. With their extensive knowledge of music genres and styles, they curate a playlist that reflects your unique preferences and style, ensuring that every moment is filled with the perfect soundtrack. Their talented DJs excel at reading the crowd and seamlessly transitioning between songs, keeping the dance floor packed and the energy high throughout the night. With MD Music & Entertainment, your wedding celebration is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Engagement DJ: Celebrate your love and excitement with a memorable engagement party. MD Music & Entertainment understands the significance of this special occasion, and their team of talented DJs and live musicians is dedicated to curating a playlist that reflects your unique style. Whether you envision a sophisticated soirée or a lively celebration, they will create an ambiance filled with joy and anticipation. From the moment your guests arrive until the last dance, MD Music & Entertainment will provide exceptional entertainment that sets the stage for a remarkable engagement celebration.

Video Event DJ: If you're planning a video event, Excel Live is here to elevate your experience with their exceptional DJ services. Their skilled DJ understands the intricacies of synchronizing music with videos, adding a captivating dimension to your event. Whether it's a corporate presentation, product launch, or any other video-based event, they will work closely with you to understand the tone, theme, and desired atmosphere. The DJ's ability to seamlessly match the music to the visuals enhances the impact of your videos and creates an engaging and memorable experience for your audience. With Excel Live, your video event will be transformed into a dynamic and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

MD Music & Entertainment's commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and their team's expertise in creating captivating experiences set them apart as a premier choice for wedding, engagement, and video event DJ services. With their passion for music and dedication to customer satisfaction, they ensure that every moment of your special day or event is filled with extraordinary entertainment. 

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