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880 Marietta Hwy ste 600 ste 620, Roswell, GA 30075, USA


Fifth and Mae Salons is a renowned female wedding and event makeup artist based in beautiful Roswell, Georgia. Owned and operated by the incredibly talented Grace Erin, Fifth and Mae Salons is your gateway to captivating beauty and unforgettable makeup experiences.

As one of the best makeup artists in the world, Grace Erin has garnered widespread recognition for her artistry that knows no bounds. With a brush in her hand and a vision in her heart, Grace creates mesmerizing looks that accentuate her clients' unique features, allowing their natural beauty to shine through effortlessly.

Fifth and Mae Salons has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best makeup artists in the US. Grace Erin's exceptional skill set, coupled with her passion for staying at the forefront of makeup trends and techniques, ensures that each client's makeup experience is nothing short of perfection.

Nestled in the picturesque city of Roswell, Georgia, Fifth and Mae Salons stands tall among the finest makeup artist vendors in the region. Grace Erin's signature approach lies in her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level, understanding their desires and translating them into stunning realities. Whether you dream of an ethereal and romantic bridal look or a bold and glamorous statement, Grace has the innate talent to bring your vision to life flawlessly.

Fifth and Mae Salons' commitment to excellence shines through in every brush stroke and every detail attended to with precision. Grace Erin's warm and welcoming demeanor ensures that every client feels at ease, creating an atmosphere of trust and creativity during each makeup session.

When it comes to finding one of the best makeup artists in Roswell, Georgia, Fifth and Mae Salons is a name that resonates with elegance and sophistication. Grace Erin's exceptional talent and personalized approach make her the ideal choice for any special occasion, ensuring that you look and feel like the best version of yourself on your momentous day.

In conclusion, Fifth and Mae Salons, owned and operated by the remarkable Grace Erin, stands tall as one of the best makeup artists in the world. Grace's artistry, coupled with her unwavering commitment to her craft, makes her one of the best makeup artists in the US. As one of the top makeup artist vendors in Roswell, Georgia, Fifth and Mae Salons offers an unparalleled level of talent, professionalism, and personalized service. Reach out to Grace Erin today and experience the magic of Fifth and Mae Salons, where every brushstroke is an ode to beauty, and every client's smile is a testament to unparalleled artistry.

Fifth and Mae Salons offer a wide range of professional makeup services designed to enhance your appearance and cater to your unique preferences. They provide:

Contour makeup: Fifth and Mae's skilled makeup artists use contouring techniques to define and highlight your facial features. By strategically applying makeup shades that create the illusion of shadows and depth, they can sculpt your face for a more chiseled and structured look.

Eye makeup: Whether you desire a subtle and natural eye look or a bold and glamorous statement, Fifth and Mae Salons specialize in creating stunning eye makeup. Their makeup artists can accentuate your eyes with precision, using a variety of techniques and high-quality products.

Natural makeup: If you prefer a more effortless and minimalistic appearance, Fifth and Mae offer natural makeup application. Their artists focus on enhancing your features subtly, giving you a fresh and radiant look suitable for everyday wear or casual events.

Brow and lash tinting: Fifth and Mae provide brow and lash tinting services to enhance the color and definition of your eyebrows and eyelashes. Tinting can add depth and intensity to these areas, making them more pronounced and reducing the need for daily makeup application.

Tattoo coverage: If you have tattoos you'd like to conceal for specific events or occasions, Fifth and Mae Salons offer professional tattoo coverage services. Using specialized makeup products and techniques, they can effectively camouflage tattoos to match your skin tone.

Makeup trials: For important events like weddings or special occasions, Fifth and Mae offer makeup trials. These sessions allow you to work closely with their makeup artists to test and finalize your desired makeup look in advance, ensuring you look and feel confident on the big day.

Consultations: Fifth and Mae Salons provide personalized consultations to discuss your beauty goals and preferences. During these consultations, you can explore different makeup options and hairstyling techniques, tailoring the services to suit your needs and event theme.

Balayage: In addition to their makeup services, Fifth and Mae Salons offer expert balayage hair coloring. This technique involves hand-painting highlights onto your hair for a natural and sun-kissed effect, creating a soft and seamless blend of colors.

In summary, Fifth and Mae Salons offer an array of beauty services, including makeup application for contour, eyes, and natural looks, brow and lash tinting, tattoo coverage, makeup trials, and personalized consultations. They also specialize in balayage hair coloring, providing clients with a comprehensive range of options to enhance their overall appearance.

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