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Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Kaneohe, Hawaii, Kapena is not just a wedding band but a harmonious embodiment of the island's rich cultural tapestry. With a legacy steeped in tradition and a sound that resonates with the spirit of Hawaii, Kapena has been serenading love stories across the Hawaiian islands. Their professional music services have transformed countless wedding celebrations into unforgettable melodic journeys.

The Heart Behind Kapena

At the helm of Kapena is a family legacy that spans generations. The band was founded by the Pahinui family, with Kelly Boy De Lima as the charismatic frontman. Kelly Boy's deep-rooted connection to the Hawaiian musical heritage has guided Kapena's journey, infusing their performances with authenticity and soul. With a passion for sharing the beauty of Hawaii's music and culture, Kapena's commitment to excellence is unmatched.

Services Offered

Kapena's musical prowess extends across various wedding occasions, ensuring that every phase of your celebration is accompanied by enchanting melodies:

Music for a Wedding Ceremony:

Kapena adds a touch of elegance to your ceremony, creating an ethereal ambiance as you exchange vows. Their renditions of classic Hawaiian tunes and timeless love songs set the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion.

Music for Cocktail Hour:

As guests mingle and celebrate, Kapena's soothing melodies set the tone for relaxation and joy. Their music becomes the bridge between heartfelt moments, creating an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie.

Music for a Wedding Reception:

The heart of any wedding celebration is the reception, and Kapena knows how to keep the energy alive. With an extensive repertoire that includes both traditional and contemporary hits, the band ensures that your guests are on their feet, dancing the night away.

Dinner Rehearsal Music:

Kapena understands that even during the quieter moments, music plays a vital role. Their melodic interludes during dinner rehearsals provide a serene ambiance, allowing conversations and connections to flourish.

Availability to Travel:

Kapena's music isn't limited to their homeland; they're ready to take their melodies wherever your love story unfolds. Their flexibility and willingness to travel ensure that your wedding experience remains unparalleled, no matter the destination.

A Symphony of Love and Culture

Kapena doesn't merely perform; they curate a symphony of love and culture. Each note resonates with the traditions and history of Hawaii, weaving a musical narrative that celebrates love, unity, and the beauty of life. With their radiant smiles and unparalleled talent, Kapena transforms weddings into celebrations that are both timeless and deeply rooted in the island's heritage.

Kapena, the cherished wedding band from Kaneohe, Hawaii, is more than just a musical ensemble – they are keepers of tradition, storytellers through melodies, and companions on your journey of love. With Kelly Boy De Lima's family legacy and their commitment to delivering exceptional musical experiences, Kapena enriches every wedding celebration with the vibrant spirit of Hawaii. From wedding ceremonies to cocktail hours, receptions, and beyond, their services ensure that your special day is painted with the brushstrokes of melodic enchantment.

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