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Florida Reverse HECM, 6251 44th St N, Pinellas Park, FL, United States


I Choose You Events, a distinguished wedding and event planning company, was founded in 2018 by the visionary entrepreneur Jaimi Weatherspoon. Headquartered in the charming Pinellas Park, Florida, the company has a heartfelt origin rooted in Jaimi's 14-year career specializing in visual storytelling, primarily capturing the essence of weddings through her photography. Leveraging her extensive experience working with couples, capturing intricate details, and cultivating strong vendor relationships, Jaimi transformed her passion into the foundation of I Choose You Events.

The business evolved into a family-owned and operated endeavor, enriched by the collaborative efforts of Jaimi and her dedicated family members. With the addition of Rachael and Kim to the team, the company expanded its creative horizons, infusing compassion, excitement, and a wealth of knowledge into their offerings.

Owner: Jaimi Weatherspoon

As the driving force behind I Choose You Events, Jaimi Weatherspoon exemplifies a unique blend of creativity, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her profound expertise in visual storytelling, cultivated over 14 years in the wedding photography realm, forms the bedrock of the company's ability to craft memorable experiences. Jaimi's passion for building relationships and capturing moments led her to establish a family-run enterprise that values both professionalism and personal touch.

Services Offered:

Wedding Coordinator:

I Choose You Events offers an essential wedding coordination service designed to seamlessly orchestrate the culmination of your dream wedding. Perfect for couples who have meticulously planned their special day but seek a professional touch for execution, this service commences approximately 6 weeks before your wedding. The dedicated team collaborates with you to review your plans, liaise with vendors, develop a detailed timeline and floor plan, and ensure all elements are meticulously organized. On the day of your wedding, their team is present from the earliest setup to the final moments, ensuring a flawlessly executed event that allows you to fully savor every moment.

Wedding Planner:

For couples seeking comprehensive support, I Choose You Events provides full-service wedding planning and partial planning options. The adept team guides you through the entire planning journey, from vendor selection to budgeting, design, and coordination. Offering a seamless blend of professional expertise and friendly guidance, their wedding planner services encompass every aspect of bringing your vision to life. Additionally, this package includes the invaluable day-of coordination service, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Floral Design:

Florals are at the heart of I Choose You Events' design prowess, elevating your wedding with natural beauty. From enchanting centerpieces to breathtaking arch pieces and bridal flowers, their floral designs capture your unique style as a couple. By drawing inspiration from your vision, the team crafts tailor-made arrangements that align with your preferences and budget, adding a distinctive touch of elegance to your celebration.

Event Design:

Dedicated to crafting truly remarkable events, I Choose You Events offers an extensive range of event design options. From linens and charger plates to furniture and signage, their customizable design packages allow you to curate a captivating atmosphere that leaves an indelible impression on your guests. With meticulous attention to detail, their team collaborates with you to transform your creative vision into a breathtaking reality, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

 I Choose You Events is a dynamic and family-driven wedding and event planning enterprise led by the visionary Jaimi Weatherspoon. With a range of services encompassing coordination, planning, floral design, and event design, the company is dedicated to bringing your dreams to life and curating unforgettable moments that reflect your unique love story.

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