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Wilmington, DE, USA


Ilana'z Glitterbugz Face and Body Painting: Where Every Canvas Becomes a Masterpiece

Step into the enchanting world of Ilana'z Glitterbugz, a realm of boundless creativity and sparkling artistry specializing in face and body painting. Nestled in the heart of Delaware, Ilana'z Glitterbugz is your gateway to transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

At Ilana'z Glitterbugz, they believe in the magic of self-expression through art. Their dedicated team is passionate about turning faces and bodies into captivating masterpieces, each stroke telling a unique story. From intricate face designs to versatile body paintings that include arms, legs, bellies, and even bald heads, their artistic touch brings joy and wonder to every canvas.

Services Offered:

Face Painting:

Watch as faces become vibrant canvases with intricate designs and playful colors. Ilana'z Glitterbugz turns the art of face painting into a magical experience.

Body Painting:

Elevate your celebration with body painting for arms, legs, bellies, and even bald heads. Every stroke tells a unique story, turning the human form into a captivating masterpiece.

Glitter Tattoos:

Add a touch of glamour with glitter tattoos that last up to a week. Choose from an array of both stencil and freehand designs, allowing you to express your unique style.

Gem Embellishments:

Experience an extra layer of sparkle and glamour as Ilana'z Glitterbugz artfully applies gems to their designs. Each gem enhances the beauty of the artwork, creating an unforgettable visual experience.

Why Choose Ilana'z Glitterbugz:

Professionalism and Expertise:

Ilana'z Glitterbugz brings a wealth of professionalism and artistic expertise to every event, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience.

Versatility in Body Painting:

From arms to legs, bellies, and even bald heads, Ilana'z Glitterbugz showcases versatility in body painting, turning diverse canvases into works of art.

Glitter Tattoos for Every Occasion:

Whether you prefer stencil or freehand designs, their glitter tattoos add a touch of glamour suitable for any celebration.

Gem Adornments for Extra Charm:

The addition of gems to their designs enhances the charm, providing an extra layer of sparkle for a truly glamorous look.

Ready to bring the magic of Ilana'z Glitterbugz to your next event? Contact them today to discuss your unique requirements and let the artistry unfold.

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