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Texas A&M University, Bizzell Street, College Station, TX, USA


Infante Creations, based in Texas, is your go-to choice for expert balloon decor and design services. With a dedicati on to excellence and a passion for balloon artistry, Charley Infante and their team of Certified Balloon Artists are here to transform your event into a memorable celebration. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative designs sets them apart as top-tier venue decorators and designers in Texas.

Why Choose Infante Creations:

  • Certified Balloon Artist: Charley Infante and her team are not just decorators; they are certified balloon artists, ensuring the highest level of skill and expertise in their craft.
  • Passion for Balloon Art: Infante Creations' dedication to the art of balloon decoration is evident in each creation. They continually update their skills and stay at the forefront of industry trends to deliver the most innovative designs.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Infante Creations places customers' needs at the forefront. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them a high percentage of repeat business and referrals.
  • Versatile Creativity: Infante Creations' designs range from fun and whimsical to classy and elegant, ensuring that they can cater to a wide range of event styles and themes.
  • Lasting Memories: They understand that your event is a special moment, and their goal is to create lasting memories through their exceptional balloon decor.

Services Offered by Infante Creations:

Balloon Arches:

Infante Creations specializes in crafting breathtaking balloon arches that serve as captivating entrances or stunning focal points at your event. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate gathering, or a birthday bash, their arches are custom-designed to match your theme and color palette.


Infante Creations' balloon columns add height and elegance to your event space. These towering creations can be tailored to suit any event, from intimate gatherings to grand galas. They can be used as decorative elements or to frame specific areas, creating a visually striking atmosphere.

Balloon Bouquets:

Elevate your tables and venues with beautifully arranged balloon bouquets. These delightful clusters of balloons come in various shapes and sizes, adding a touch of whimsy and color to your celebrations. Infante Creations ensures that each bouquet complements your event's style and theme.


Infante Creations' balloon centerpieces are the epitome of creativity and innovation. They transform ordinary tables into works of art, becoming conversation starters at any event. With an array of designs and color combinations, they can match the ambiance you desire.

Loose Helium Balloons:

For a dynamic and free-floating decor element, Infante Creations offers helium-filled balloons. These balloons can be used for various purposes, including table decor, photo backdrops, or even surprise ceiling releases, creating a magical atmosphere for your guests.

When you choose Infante Creations as your event decorator, you're not just getting balloons; you're getting an artistic experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact Infante Creations today to discuss how they can turn your event into a masterpiece of balloon artistry.

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