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New York, NY, United States


Jennifer Zabinski Events is a distinguished wedding and event planning firm based in New York, NY. Led by the exceptional visionary, Jennifer Zabinski, the company has established itself as a prominent name in the world of event planning, renowned for orchestrating seamless and enchanting gatherings that leave a lasting impact. With a unique blend of business acumen and creative brilliance, Jennifer Zabinski Events has earned a reputation as a trailblazing force in the wedding industry.

About Jennifer Zabinski:

Jennifer Zabinski's journey to becoming a trailblazing event planner is a testament to her dedication and expertise. After graduating from the esteemed Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, Jennifer embarked on a notable career in the hospitality industry. She honed her skills at renowned establishments like The Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts on the west coast. Her exceptional talent for executing flawless gatherings and her unwavering attention to detail quickly set her apart, paving the way for her to explore a new avenue in the event planning realm.

Combining her wealth of experience with her innate creative flair, Jennifer returned to her roots in New York and became a partner at The Wedding Library. Over the course of a decade, she oversaw the planning and events division, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. In 2011, she took a bold leap and founded JZ Events, a manifestation of her meticulous and innovative approach to event planning. Jennifer's unique perspective, coupled with her methodical planning and cutting-edge design, has breathed life into countless events in captivating locales worldwide, forging enduring relationships with top-tier vendors and industry professionals.

Services Offered:

At JZ Events, more than event planning, you find a dedicated friend and advocate who turns dreams into reality. Through decades of orchestrating flawless weddings and parties in New York City and beyond, Jennifer and her team have discovered the key to creating personal, unique, and stunning celebrations: trust and partnership. JZ Events offers a comprehensive range of services that encompass every aspect of event planning:

Ceremony & Reception Planning: From envisioning the perfect setting to ensuring every moment runs seamlessly, JZ Events creates unforgettable ceremonies and receptions.

Wedding Rehearsal: With meticulous attention to detail, JZ Events ensures that every member of the wedding party is well-prepared for the big day.

Vendor Consultation & Booking: Leveraging their vast network, JZ Events secures the best vendors to bring your vision to life.

Budget Management: JZ Events takes pride in helping clients navigate budget considerations while delivering exceptional results.

Florals & Design Aesthetic: Infusing events with breathtaking beauty, Jennifer and her team masterfully craft design aesthetics and floral arrangements.

Destination Programming: Whether it's a tropical paradise or a romantic European escape, JZ Events specializes in curating destination weddings that leave lasting memories.

Tents & Rentals: The team expertly coordinates tent setups and rentals, transforming any space into a magical setting.

Guest List Management: Ensuring that every cherished guest feels welcomed and valued, JZ Events manages guest lists with care.

Welcome Bags & Gifts: Thoughtful touches, like welcome bags and gifts, create a warm and inviting atmosphere for attendees.

Air & Ground Transportation: Seamlessly organizing transportation ensures that guests arrive with ease and comfort.

From her beginnings at esteemed hotel chains to the founding of JZ Events, Jennifer's journey exemplifies her unwavering commitment to bringing people together through meticulously planned and flawlessly executed events. Through their wide-ranging services and unparalleled expertise, JZ Events continues to elevate celebrations to new heights, creating moments that are both breathtaking and unforgettable

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