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Kalispell, Montana Kalispell, MT, 59901


Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Kalispell, Montana, Rising Wolf Visuals is a beacon of creativity, weaving together the magic of professional filmmaking and photography. Specializing in the wedding industry, this distinguished enterprise is a reflection of the visionary owner, Jaron "Jay" Neumann's passion for artistry and devotion to crafting unforgettable memories.

About the Owner: Jaron "Jay" Neumann

At the heart of Rising Wolf Visuals beats the creativity and dedication of Jaron "Jay" Neumann. More than just a filmmaker and photographer, Jay is an artist who understands that the essence of a great image or film goes beyond mere aesthetics. His commitment lies in offering clients an experience that goes beyond the lens, capturing not just moments, but emotions, stories, and connections.

A true Montana native and passionate outdoorsman, Jay's artistic journey is intertwined with his love for nature's beauty. With each project he undertakes, he brings a piece of his soul to his work, creating visual narratives that resonate with authenticity and sincerity. Jay's affinity for outdoor weddings is more than a preference; it's an extension of his soul, as he endeavors to capture the union of love amidst the grandeur of the natural world.

Crafting Custom Film Aesthetics

What sets Rising Wolf Visuals apart is Jay's unwavering dedication to tailoring each film to the unique essence of every couple. Recognizing that no two love stories are alike, Jay excels in creating custom film packages and aesthetics. He delves into the personalities, dreams, and preferences of each couple, ensuring that the film reflects their individuality.

Services Offered: Elevating Your Special Day

Rising Wolf Visuals offers a range of meticulously curated wedding and event videography services, all designed to capture the essence of every special moment:

Drone Footage:
Elevating the visual experience, Jay employs drone technology to capture breathtaking aerial shots, adding a cinematic dimension to your film.

Full Feature Video:
Going beyond mere highlights, the full feature video is a comprehensive representation of your day, encompassing all the emotions, rituals, and treasured moments.

Highlight Video:
Capturing the essence of the day in a condensed form, the highlight video is a dynamic montage that encapsulates the most beautiful and significant moments.

Multi. Cameras and Locations:
Jay's dedication to detail shines through the use of multiple cameras and locations, ensuring that no emotion goes unnoticed, no angle unexplored.

Raw Footage:
For those who wish to relive every unscripted instant, Rising Wolf Visuals offers raw footage, preserving the unfiltered essence of the day.

Rising Wolf Visuals is more than a filmmaking and photography service; it's a tribute to the art of love, nature, and capturing moments that matter. With Jaron "Jay" Neumann at the helm, the company transcends the ordinary, offering an experience that's rooted in creativity, passion, and a commitment to crafting visual narratives that will be cherished for generations.

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