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2708 Coldwell St, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, USA


About Keith Cephus

For over two and a half decades, Keith Cephus Photography has redefined the art of wedding and portrait photography in the vibrant Virginia and DC metropolitan area. Keith Cephus, the visionary behind the lens, has earned a sterling reputation as one of the most sought-after wedding photographers on the East Coast. His photographic journey is a testament to his dedication, artistic flair, and unwavering commitment to creating lasting memories for his clients.

A Special Relationship Built on Trust

At Keith Cephus Photography, the foundation of every client relationship is trust. Keith understands that trust between a photographer and a client is the cornerstone of a successful collaboration. This trust, rooted in integrity and generosity, transcends the business realm and becomes an enriching and profoundly satisfying experience for all involved. It's a relationship built on a mutual understanding that the photographic journey is not just about capturing images but also about preserving the essence of moments and emotions.

Passion for Photographic Excellence

Keith Cephus is not just a photographer; he is an artist with an unquenchable thirst for photographic excellence. His passion for making clients happy drives him to continually push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. If one were to define his style, it would be a blend of fashion-forward aesthetics infused with elements of editorial and photojournalism. Keith and his team have an innate ability to think beyond conventions, resulting in a style that is not only unique but also whimsical and fun.

Services Offered

Keith Cephus Photography offers a diverse range of services that encompass various facets of life and love:

Wedding Photography: Keith Cephus is renowned for his captivating wedding photography, where every frame tells a story. His ability to capture the raw emotions, genuine smiles, and unscripted moments makes each wedding album a timeless masterpiece.

Exotic Destination Weddings: For those seeking to tie the knot in far-off, picturesque locations, Keith Cephus Photography specializes in exotic destination weddings. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities that destination weddings offer, ensuring that every detail is expertly documented.

Indian Weddings: With a deep appreciation for the rich traditions and vibrant celebrations of Indian weddings, Keith Cephus Photography excels in capturing the colorful and cultural aspects of these events. From intricate ceremonies to grand receptions, their photography preserves the essence of Indian weddings beautifully.

Fashion Photography: Beyond weddings, Keith Cephus Photography is celebrated for its fashion photography. Whether it's fashion shoots, model portfolios, or editorial work, they infuse their distinct style and creativity into every project.

Family Portraits: Keith Cephus Photography understands the importance of family. They offer family portrait sessions that freeze moments in time, creating cherished memories for generations to come.

Keith Cephus Photography is not merely a photography studio; it's a gateway to timeless memories and artistic excellence. Under the leadership of Keith Cephus, this company has carved a niche for itself by consistently delivering exceptional photography services. From weddings to fashion, Keith Cephus Photography stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling, capturing moments that transcend time and creating an enduring legacy of love and artistry. Explore their portfolio and experience the magic through Keith's lens.

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