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1806 West Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78756, USA


Whoever said that awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping moments can only be crafted with fresh and seasonal flowers hasn't witnessed the magic of dried and preserved florals.
At King Florist , a seasoned business established in 1927, they've mastered the art of floral design with a wide array of styles and flowers, including dried, local, seasonal, preserved, foliage, and beyond.

Over the decades, their experts have curated masterpieces blending various flower styles, ensuring that your wedding décor is nothing short of a work of art. From timeless classics to innovative combinations, they possess the expertise to create unique signature looks for your big day. Imagine succulents harmoniously combined with white selenite and rocks, exemplifying the distinctive approach they bring to their craft. If you take pride in thinking out of the box and desire a wedding that truly reflects your individuality, King Florist is the perfect choice.

Services Offered

Custom Floral Designs:

King Florist specializes in crafting custom floral designs that align with your vision and style. Whether you're seeking traditional elegance or contemporary innovation, they have the creativity and expertise to turn your ideas into captivating floral arrangements.

Dried and Preserved Florals:

Explore the beauty of dried and preserved florals with King Florist. They use these unique and enduring flowers to design arrangements that add a timeless and unconventional touch to your event.

Local and Seasonal Flowers:

Embrace the beauty of local and seasonal flowers with King Florist's expertise. They source the best blooms, reflecting the essence of the season and the locality, to create stunning arrangements that are both fresh and vibrant.

Foliage Designs:

Experience the charm of nature with King Florist's foliage designs. They expertly integrate different foliage to craft arrangements that are organic, elegant, and in harmony with your chosen theme.

Innovative Combinations:

King Florist takes pride in blending different styles and elements to create innovative combinations. Whether it's pairing succulents with white selenite and rocks or other creative arrangements, they bring a unique touch to every floral design.


King Florist is based in the heart of Texas, drawing inspiration from the local beauty and blending it seamlessly into their floral designs.

Contact King Florist Today:

Ready to make a statement with unique and artistic floral arrangements? Contact King Florist and let the floral magic unfold.

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