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Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry is a wedding and event makeup artist based in Belleville, New Jersey. Owned and led by the talented Naomi Wiggins, Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry is your go-to destination for enhancing your natural beauty and making your events truly remarkable.

One of the Top Makeup Artists in the US: Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry

When it comes to top-tier makeup artists, Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry truly shines. Naomi Wiggins' artistic prowess and dedication to her craft have earned her a well-deserved reputation as one of the best in the industry. Her keen eye for detail and ability to create stunning makeup looks that accentuate her clients' natural features have set her apart as a true artist.

Elevating Beauty in New Jersey: Top Makeup Artist

Based in Belleville, New Jersey, Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry stands out as one of the top makeup artists in the state. Naomi's exceptional skills and personalized approach make her a sought-after choice for weddings, special events, print, and film makeup. With Liv Beauté, you can trust that your beauty needs are in expert hands.A Commitment to Growth and Excellence

Naomi Wiggins, the driving force behind Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry, is not content with just being great – she's constantly pushing the boundaries of her craft. She attends makeup lectures and workshops led by leading professionals in the beauty industry, ensuring that her skills are always at the cutting edge. This commitment to growth and excellence is what sets Liv Beauté apart as a top makeup artist.

From Film to Runway: Unforgettable Makeup Experiences

Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry has left its mark on various platforms, from film to the runway. Naomi's work on projects like SORDID, a Steven Strickland Media Group film, and NYFW SS19 speaks volumes about her artistry. She's not only a master of makeup but also a storyteller who understands how to enhance characters and personalities through her craft.

Slaying Brows and Beyond: Expertise That Shines

Naomi Wiggins' ability to "totally slay a brow" has become her signature. Her mastery in creating stunning brows that frame and enhance the face showcases her expertise and attention to detail. But Liv Beauté's skills extend beyond brows – from flawless foundation application to expertly applied false lashes, Naomi's artistry knows no bounds.

Empowerment Through Education: Sharing Beauty Knowledge

Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry isn't just about providing exceptional makeup services; it's about empowerment through education. Naomi teaches classes in false lash application, eyebrow grooming and makeup, and basic makeup techniques. Her mission is to help individuals feel confident in their makeup skills and enhance their natural beauty.

Beauty Is Personal: Each Client Is Special

At Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry, every client is unique, and Naomi believes in making them feel special and beautiful. Her approach is grounded in the belief that makeup should enhance a person's existing beauty, not mask it. With Liv Beauté, you'll experience makeup that's tailored to your individuality.

In conclusion, Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry is your gateway to exceptional beauty experiences. As one of the top makeup artists in the US and a trusted name in New Jersey, Liv Beauté is synonymous with excellence, artistry, and empowerment. Owned by the talented Naomi Wiggins, Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry is your partner in enhancing your natural beauty and making your events truly unforgettable. Whether it's a wedding, a special event, a film, or a simple desire to master makeup techniques, Liv Beauté has got you covered. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey of beauty and artistry that's as unique as you are.

Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry offers a comprehensive array of professional makeup services, catering to various occasions and needs. They provide:

Bridal Makeup: Liv Beauté specializes in creating radiant and customized makeup looks for brides on their special day. Their expert makeup artists ensure that the bride's makeup enhances her natural beauty and complements the overall wedding theme.

Bridal Party Makeup: For the bridal party, Liv Beauté offers makeup services that harmonize with the wedding's aesthetic. Whether it's the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, or other attendees, their makeup artists create cohesive and elegant looks.

Photo and Video Shoot Makeup: Liv Beauté excels in makeup application that translates beautifully on camera. They understand the nuances of photography and videography lighting, crafting makeup that looks flawless and vibrant in various media formats.

Fashion and Film Makeup: With expertise in makeup for fashion and film, Liv Beauté's artists can create captivating looks that suit the specific requirements of these industries. From runway to screen, they ensure that the makeup complements the overall artistic vision.

Makeup Trial: A makeup trial allows clients to collaborate with Liv Beauté's artists before their event. This ensures that the chosen makeup style aligns with their vision and preferences, leading to confidence and satisfaction on the big day.

On-site Makeup: Liv Beauté offers on-site makeup services for convenience and ease. Their team can travel to your location, whether it's your home, venue, or set, ensuring a stress-free and seamless experience.

False Lash Application: To enhance eye makeup, Liv Beauté provides false lash application. Whether it's natural-looking individual lashes or full strip lashes for added drama, their artists skillfully apply false lashes for a captivating effect.

Eyebrow Grooming: Eyebrows frame the face, and Liv Beauté's experts can groom and shape them to perfection. Whether it's through waxing, threading, tweezing, or trimming, they create well-defined and flattering brow shapes.

In essence, Liv Beauté Makeup Artistry offers a diverse range of beauty services, including bridal and bridal party makeup, photography and video makeup, fashion and film makeup, makeup trials, on-site services, false lash application, and precise eyebrow grooming. Their skilled artists aim to bring out your best features and create polished looks for any event or occasion.

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