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Weddings by LDF is a renowned documentary-style wedding videography company known for its exceptional services that extend to the Carolinas and beyond. Based in greensboro, NC. With a distinctive focus on capturing candid moments, the company excels in creating films that maintain a classic, natural look while telling the unique love stories of each couple. Founded by owner Ray Lewis, Weddings by LDF has been in the business for more than six years, consistently delivering heartwarming and captivating wedding films. Their dedication to their craft is evident as they film over 300 love stories each year, and every celebration they attend continues to move and inspire them.

Owner Ray Lewis: A Passionate Storyteller:

At the helm of Weddings by LDF stands Ray Lewis, a passionate storyteller who has made a significant mark in the world of wedding videography. With over six years of experience, Ray's journey in the industry is a testament to his commitment to capturing the most genuine and heartfelt moments of a couple's special day. His dedication to his craft goes beyond mere professionalism; he and his team genuinely love what they do. For Ray and his team, every wedding is not just a job but a blessing—an opportunity to be a part of something truly extraordinary.

Creating Connections and Witnessing Moments:

Weddings by LDF takes pride in more than just documenting weddings; they are passionate about creating connections with their clients. Ray and his team understand that each wedding is a deeply personal and emotional journey for the couples involved. They approach their work with empathy, ensuring that they not only capture the visual beauty of the day but also the emotions that touch the heart. For Ray and his team, witnessing these moments is not just a job; it's a privilege.

Services Offered:

Weddings by LDF offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that every couple's unique love story is beautifully captured:

Drone Footage:
Adding a breathtaking aerial perspective to your wedding film.

Teaser Trailers:
Crafting captivating short teasers that provide a glimpse of the wedding day's magic.

Wedding Ceremony Livestreaming:
Allowing loved ones who can't attend to be part of the celebration in real-time.

Half-Day or Full-Day Coverage:
Catering to different wedding day durations to meet your needs.

Multi-Camera Setups:
Ensuring that every angle and moment is captured in detail.

Highlight and Full-Length Edits:
Crafting both shorter highlights and comprehensive full-length edits to relive the day.

Raw Footage:
Including raw footage as standard with all packages, providing a complete record of the day.

Turnaround Time:
Ray's typical turnaround time is 10-12 weeks, with the option for quick edits upon request.

Weddings by LDF, under the dedicated leadership of Ray Lewis, is more than just a wedding videography company; it's a storyteller of love. Their commitment to capturing candid moments, creating connections with clients, and delivering exceptional wedding films sets them apart in the industry. With a deep passion for their work and a genuine love for storytelling, Ray and his team are honored to help couples tell the story of their love through the art of videography.

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