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Omaha, NE 68116, USA


Melissa Tatreau (violin), Erin Birkestrand Aguirre (violin), Debbie Martinez (viola), and Rachael Means (cello) make the talented ensemble known as the Mahr String Quartet. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, they have been sharing their musical expertise for over two decades, creating memorable moments through their enchanting melodies at weddings across the state.

Meet the Artists Behind Mahr String Quartet

Melissa Holtmeier - Violinist Extraordinaire

Melissa Holtmeier, a distinguished violinist, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She further honed her skills with a Masters in Violin Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her training includes studying pedagogy with renowned violinist Darcy Drexler, and she has learned under the tutelage of Dr. Paul Todd, Dr. Laura Kobayashi, Anne Nagosky, and Dr. Myron Kartman. Melissa is well-versed in the Suzuki method, having completed training in books 1-4 with Susan Kempter and attending Mark O’Connor’s fiddle camps in San Diego and New York City. She was part of the inaugural teacher certification class of the Mark O’Connor Violin Method, books 1 and 2 in NYC in 2009.

Melissa's dedication to music extends beyond performance. She has been a full-time Artist-Faculty member at the Omaha Conservatory of Music (OCM) since 2005, where she currently serves as the String Department Chair. Additionally, Melissa is a certified yoga instructor (200 RYT) and has integrated her passion for yoga into music education, presenting “Yoga for Musicians” at national conventions. Her involvement with the Omaha Area Youth Orchestras and recognition as Outstanding Private Teacher of the Year by NE-ASTA in 2019 showcase her commitment to nurturing young talent. As the state president (2020-2022) of NE-ASTA, she continues to contribute to the growth of music education.

Beyond her teaching roles, Melissa is a member of the Omaha Musicians’ Union and has graced the stage alongside legendary artists such as Mary J. Blige, Bobby Vinton, Frank Sinatra Jr., and many more. She is a founding member and 1st violinist of the Mahr String Quartet, handling its management and contracting approximately 60 events annually. Her extensive orchestral experience includes performances with the Omaha and Lincoln Symphonies and tours with the Mantovani Orchestra. She has even been part of the Salute to Vienna New Year’s concert tour and played in orchestral pits for various Broadway shows.

Expanding the Musical Palette: Services Offered by Mahr String Quartet

The Mahr String Quartet is committed to enhancing your wedding day with the magic of live music. They offer a range of services to create the perfect soundscape for your special day:

Ceremony Music: Elevate the atmosphere during your wedding ceremony with the timeless elegance of classical pieces or the emotional resonance of contemporary love songs. The quartet's harmonious melodies will set the stage for your vows.

Cocktail Hour Music: Transition seamlessly from ceremony to reception with the quartet's enchanting melodies as you and your guests enjoy the cocktail hour. Their versatile repertoire can cater to various musical preferences.

Learn New Songs: Personalize your wedding experience by requesting your favorite songs. The Mahr String Quartet is more than willing to learn and perform new pieces that hold a special place in your heart, making your day even more unique.

Reception Music: Keep the celebration going with the quartet's captivating music throughout your reception. Whether you prefer classical or contemporary tunes, they have the expertise to curate a playlist that suits your taste.

Music for a Catholic Mass Wedding: For couples planning a Catholic mass wedding, Mahr String Quartet can provide beautiful musical accompaniment to enhance the spiritual ambiance of the ceremony.

Mahr String Quartet takes pride in tailoring their services to meet the unique preferences and desires of each couple. With their exceptional musical talent and dedication, they are more than just musicians; they are the storytellers of your love on your special day.

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