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491 Stevens Rd, Unity, ME 04988, USA


North Star Adventures is a travel company based in Unity, Maine that creates great outdoor activities for you and your wedding party. Kayaking the rocky Maine coast, walking the Katahdin region mountains, climbing part of the Appalachian Trail, canoeing, skiing, and so much more can be planned by professional travel agents. Nancy Zane, the company's founder, and owner, has over 25 years of expertise.

Tailored Outdoor Experiences:

North Star Adventures LLC specializes in curating a wide range of outdoor activities that cater to your sense of adventure. These activities include:

Kayaking the Rocky Maine Coast: Explore the rugged beauty of the Maine coast by kayak, a perfect way to discover hidden gems along the shoreline.

Walking the Katahdin Region Mountains: For those seeking a mountain adventure, the Katahdin region offers picturesque landscapes and challenging trails.

Climbing Part of the Appalachian Trail: Embark on a segment of the iconic Appalachian Trail, a legendary journey through diverse terrains.

Canoeing: Paddle through serene waters, taking in the tranquility of Maine's lakes and rivers.

Skiing: Whether you're a novice or an experienced skier, Maine's slopes offer an array of options for winter fun.

And so much more...

Professional Planning:

North Star Adventures is staffed with professional travel agents who excel in planning your outdoor experiences. Whether you choose from their selection of adventures or wish to design your own trip, the North Star team is here to ensure your journey is perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Accommodation Options:

The style of your adventure is entirely up to you. Depending on your taste, you can spend the night in the wilderness, camping under a star-studded sky, or opt for a quaint New England bed and breakfast for a cozy retreat. Regardless of your choice, North Star Adventures guarantees that the memories of your adventures will be etched in your hearts for a lifetime.

Why Choose North Star Adventures:

With their commitment to crafting exceptional outdoor experiences and their founder's extensive expertise, North Star Adventures stands as your perfect partner in creating memorable adventures.

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