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8209 NW 63rd Terrace Oklahoma City, OK, 73132


About Oklahoma String Quartet

Established in 1974, the Oklahoma String Quartet is a cherished ensemble of wedding musicians hailing from the vibrant city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For nearly five decades, this remarkable quartet has been dedicated to creating musical memories that resonate with joy, love, and sophistication. Founded by the talented musician Joseph Guevara, the quartet has built a sterling reputation for delivering exceptional performances that enhance the magic of weddings.

The Owner: Joseph Guevara

At the heart of Oklahoma String Quartet is its founder, Joseph Guevara, a passionate and accomplished musician. With his visionary leadership, Joseph has nurtured this ensemble into a symbol of musical excellence. His profound love for music and his commitment to providing couples with a distinctive wedding experience shine through in every note played by the quartet. With Joseph at the helm, the quartet continues to be a prominent name in the Oklahoma wedding industry.

Services Offered

The Oklahoma String Quartet prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of musical services to cater to the unique preferences and needs of couples on their special day. Here are the services they provide:

Consultation: Every couple is unique, and so is their vision for their wedding day. Joseph Guevara, the quartet's founder, takes the time to personally consult with each couple. This consultation is a crucial step in tailoring the musical experience to your desires. It's an opportunity to discuss your dream playlist, specific musical requests, and any questions you may have.

Diverse Repertoire: The quartet boasts an extensive and versatile repertoire that spans a wide spectrum of genres. From classical standards that exude timeless elegance to contemporary pop ballads that capture the essence of modern romance, they can skillfully perform it all.

Ceremony Music: The quartet specializes in providing exquisite musical accompaniment for wedding ceremonies. Imagine walking down the aisle to the enchanting melodies of a string quartet, setting the perfect tone for your nuptials.

Cocktail Hour Music: Elevate your cocktail hour with the quartet's soothing and harmonious melodies. Their music creates a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance, allowing your guests to unwind and enjoy the moment.

Reception Music: As the evening unfolds, the quartet seamlessly transitions into providing music for your reception. Whether it's for your first dance or background music during dinner, their performances add an unforgettably elegant touch to your celebration.

Rehearsal Dinner Music: Extend the musical charm to your rehearsal dinner, creating a seamless transition from pre-wedding preparations to the main event.

Additional Services and Amenities

To further enhance your wedding experience, Oklahoma String Quartet offers additional services and amenities, including:

Microphone Stands: Ensuring that your vows and speeches are heard clearly by all your guests.

Flat-screen and Projector: Facilitating multimedia presentations and visuals, adding depth to your wedding experience.

Photo Booth: Creating fun and memorable moments for you and your guests to capture.

Sound/PA System: Guaranteeing that every note played is heard with pristine clarity.

Traveling to Your Event

The quartet understands the significance of your once-in-a-lifetime event and is willing to travel to make your wedding dreams come true. Regardless of the location, they bring their musical expertise to you, ensuring that your wedding day remains unforgettable.

In sum, the Oklahoma String Quartet is not just a wedding band; it's a passionate group of musicians dedicated to enhancing your wedding day with the enchanting power of music. Under the guidance of Joseph Guevara, their commitment to delivering timeless elegance and an unforgettable soundtrack to your big day is unwavering. Whether you envision a classic, romantic ambiance or a modern, personalized musical experience, the Oklahoma String Quartet is ready to make your wedding day truly exceptional.

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