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Sand Springs, OK, 74063


Dorothea Schulz Photos & Films, nestled in the vibrant heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma, stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence in the realm of wedding videography and photography. With a commitment to artistry and an unerring eye for detail, Dorothea Schulz and her talented team capture the essence of unique events, transforming them into timeless visual treasures.

About Dorothea Schulz: A Visionary Artist Behind the Lens

Dorothea Schulz, the driving force and lead videographer of the company, is not merely a skilled professional but an artist with an unwavering passion for her craft. With years of experience, Dorothea has honed her ability to encapsulate authentic emotions and fleeting moments, immortalizing them in captivating imagery. Her approach is marked by a blend of expertise and intuition, allowing her to seamlessly weave narratives that reflect the individuality of each event.

Services Offered: Capturing Every Nuance

Dorothea Schulz Photos & Films specializes in a diverse range of services, each crafted to ensure that your special day is documented with unparalleled artistry:

Drone Footage: Elevating the visual storytelling experience, the incorporation of drone footage adds a breathtaking perspective to your wedding memories. Aerial views capture the grandeur of the event's surroundings, providing a unique layer of depth to the final product.

Full Feature Video: Dorothea Schulz's dedication to detail shines through in her full feature videos. These comprehensive narratives encompass every significant moment, from the intimate exchanges of vows to the exuberant dance floor celebrations.

Highlight Video: A masterful creation that distills the essence of your event into a cinematic masterpiece. Highlight videos encapsulate the most cherished moments, allowing you to relive the joy, laughter, and love in a condensed yet impactful format.

Multi-Camera Setup: To capture every angle and emotion, Dorothea Schulz employs a multi-camera setup. This technique ensures that no smile, tear, or reaction goes unnoticed, creating a multidimensional portrayal of your day.

Multi-Locations Expertise: Whether your event spans multiple locations or venues, Dorothea Schulz's team possesses the logistical prowess to seamlessly transition between settings, preserving the coherence of your story.

One Event / Day: Your special day receives undivided attention. Dorothea Schulz commits to focusing solely on your event, ensuring that every moment receives the care and creativity it deserves.

Raw Footage: For those who desire an unfiltered portrayal of their day, raw footage is provided. This unedited collection captures the candid, genuine interactions, allowing you to revisit every unscripted emotion.

Dorothea Schulz Photos & Films is more than a wedding videography and photography company; it is an embodiment of artistry, passion, and dedication. Led by Dorothea Schulz herself, the team captures the authenticity of your special day, creating visual narratives that resonate for a lifetime. With a range of services that cater to every nuance, from drone footage to highlight videos, the company ensures that your wedding memories are transformed into exquisite works of art.

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