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808 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States


Discover a homey haven of genuine hospitality with One Off Hospitality, the epitome of warmth and welcome in the Illinois dining scene. In the world of dining and drinking, they redefine hospitality as an art of making every patron feel truly at home, whether they're savoring Michelin-star cuisine or enjoying a refreshing drink on a breezy patio. What sets them apart is the passion for creating unforgettable memories amidst sustainable, thoughtful food and drink experiences.

For over two decades, One Off Hospitality has been a cornerstone of Chicago’s event catering, crafting unforgettable dining and drinking experiences. Their story is one of passion and people, a tale spun by chefs, hospitality experts, managers, and creators united by the common thread of genuine, unflinching hospitality.
The ethos that drives them is simple - treat every guest like family and their restaurants like a welcoming home.

Services: Creating Culinary Journeys

At One Off Hospitality, their commitment to excellence is evident in the diverse range of services they offer:

Genuine Hospitality:
The essence of their service lies in creating a sense of belonging, where everyone, whether a part of the One Off family or a guest, feels completely at ease.

Continuous Growth:
Embracing change while cherishing their roots, they believe in constant growth to keep their people and restaurants strong.

Kindness and authenticity form the cornerstone of their interactions, reflecting in every aspect of their service.

With a deep sense of responsibility towards the environment, they collaborate with family farmers and purveyors who share their dedication to high-quality, ethically sourced food and drinks.

Celebrating individuality and diversity, their restaurants are a testament to unique perspectives, encouraging independent thought over conformity.

Event Catering Services:
Tailoring Moments to Perfection

In addition to their celebrated restaurants, One Off Hospitality offers exceptional event catering services. Whether it's a private gathering or a corporate event, they specialize in crafting memorable experiences with culinary delights that leave a lasting impression.

For an unparalleled dining or event catering experience that resonates with warmth, authenticity, and exceptional service, let One Off Hospitality extend its genuine hospitality to you.

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