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Portland, OR 97230, USA


Katie Jane Band is a highly sought-after wedding band based in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon.This exceptional musical ensemble specializes in delivering high-energy and traditional Celtic music that adds a touch of magic to wedding celebrations. Founded and led by the talented fiddle-player, Katie Jane Lubiens, the band has become synonymous with lively performances and a sound that resonates with joy.

Meet Katie Jane Lubiens - Fiery Fiddler and Violin Virtuoso

Katie Jane Lubiens, the heart and soul of the band, is an accomplished fiddler and violin virtuoso with a deep passion for making wedding days unforgettable. Her musical journey spans a wide spectrum, including classical, Celtic, pop, bluegrass, and more. With decades of experience under her belt, she has graced various stages, from weddings to Scottish Highland Games, festivals, Irish pubs, and concerts all along the West Coast.

Katie's infectious enthusiasm and fiery fiddling skills make her the perfect choice for couples seeking a dynamic and engaging musical experience on their big day. She genuinely loves performing for beautiful couples in the Pacific Northwest, and her dedication to creating unforgettable memories shines through in every note she plays.

Adam - The Musical Partner

Katie Jane Lubiens isn't alone in creating the captivating sounds of the Katie Jane Band. She is joined by her musical partner, Adam, whose contributions are vital in crafting the band's full-bodied sound. Together, they form a harmonious musical duo that brings vibrancy and energy to the stage. Their combined experience and dedication to their craft ensure that every performance is a memorable one.

Services Offered

Katie Jane Band takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of musical services to enhance every aspect of your wedding day. With their versatile talents and deep musical expertise, they can seamlessly adapt to various wedding moments, ensuring that each one is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. Here's a closer look at the services they provide:

Ceremony Music:
Start your wedding on a harmonious note with the enchanting melodies of Katie Jane Band. Whether you envision a traditional processional or a unique song that holds special meaning for you and your partner, Katie Jane's violin virtuosity will create a memorable and emotional atmosphere as you walk down the aisle.

Cocktail Hour Music:
Elevate the ambiance during your cocktail hour with a delightful musical backdrop. Katie Jane Band's extensive repertoire spans multiple genres, allowing you to curate a playlist that suits your taste and sets the mood for mingling and celebration.

Learning New Songs:
Have a particular song in mind that's not in their current repertoire? No problem! Katie Jane Band is open to learning new songs to ensure your wedding day is truly personalized. Whether it's a meaningful ballad or an up-tempo dance track, they are dedicated to making your musical vision come to life.

Clear and crisp audio is essential to ensure that your guests hear your vows, speeches, and announcements. Katie Jane Band provides microphones as part of their service, ensuring that your ceremony and reception proceedings are audible to all attendees.

Reception Music:
When it's time to dance the night away, Katie Jane Band knows how to get the party started. Their lively performance and high-energy Celtic music are sure to fill the dance floor with enthusiastic guests. From traditional jigs and reels to popular tunes, they create an atmosphere of celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

Music During Breaks:
Even the most energetic performers need a brief respite. During their breaks, you can rest assured that suitable recorded music will keep the energy up and the mood festive, ensuring there's never a dull moment at your wedding.

Travel Expenses:
Based in Portland, Oregon, Katie Jane Band is ready to travel to your wedding location, whether it's in the Pacific Northwest or beyond. They are committed to bringing their music to your chosen venue, no matter where it may be.

Sound/PA System:
To ensure that the music is heard clearly throughout your event, Katie Jane Band provides a professional sound and PA system. This ensures that their fiddle-playing and musical talents are showcased in their full glory, captivating your guests with their enchanting sound.

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