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Parkwest Media, a wedding videography company based in Park Ridge, Illinois, offers a range of services to ensure that your special day is captured beautifully and effectively. With their passion for videography and extensive experience in the events field, Christina and Spencer, the talented team behind Parkwest Media, are dedicated to providing exceptional service to their clients.

Here are the services offered by Parkwest Media:

Additional Hours: Parkwest Media understands that every wedding is unique and may require coverage beyond the standard timeframe. They offer flexibility by providing additional hours of coverage, ensuring that no moment is missed.

Full-Feature Video: With their full-feature video service, Parkwest Media creates a comprehensive and cinematic documentary of your wedding day. This includes capturing all the important events, from the preparations to the ceremony and reception, allowing you to relive the entire experience.

Highlight Video: Parkwest Media excels at crafting captivating highlight videos that encapsulate the essence and emotions of your wedding day. These shorter, carefully edited films provide a condensed version of your wedding, perfect for sharing with family and friends or posting on social media.

Multiple Locations: Whether you have a multi-venue wedding or want to capture moments at different locations, Parkwest Media is equipped to handle multiple locations seamlessly. They ensure that all significant places associated with your wedding are included in the final video.

Drone Footage: Parkwest Media utilizes the latest technology to enhance their videography services. By incorporating drone footage, they can capture breathtaking aerial views of your wedding venue and surroundings, adding a unique perspective to your video.

High-Definition Video: To ensure the highest quality visuals, Parkwest Media records your wedding using high-definition cameras. This ensures that every detail, expression, and emotion is vividly captured, resulting in a visually stunning video.

Multiple Cameras: Parkwest Media employs multiple cameras during filming to capture different angles and perspectives of your wedding day. This adds depth and dimension to the final video, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Raw Footage: In addition to the final edited videos, Parkwest Media provides the option of receiving raw footage. This allows you to have access to all the unedited footage captured during your wedding, providing you with a complete record of the day.

By offering these comprehensive services, Parkwest Media ensures that they can meet the unique needs and preferences of each couple. Their combination of cinematic and storytelling techniques enables them to create captivating and personalized wedding videos that beautifully document the moments of your special day, from start to finish.

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