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Antler hollow Lancaster, PA, 19607


About Cherrywood String Quartet and Ensembles:

Cherrywood String Quartet and Ensembles (CSE) is a distinguished professional wedding entertainment service based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Founded with a passion for music and a commitment to excellence, CSE has established itself as a premier choice for those seeking exceptional musical experiences for their special occasions. With a team of highly skilled musicians and a diverse repertoire, CSE brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to weddings, corporate events, private gatherings, and more.

The Owner and Creative Force - Talitha Horst:

At the heart of CSE is Talitha Horst, the Principal Violin I and visionary leader of the ensemble. Talitha's unwavering dedication to her craft and exceptional talent have been instrumental in shaping the group's success. With years of experience as a professional violinist, she not only brings her technical prowess but also her deep passion for music to every performance. Her leadership sets the stage for the remarkable musical journeys that CSE offers to its clients.

Exceptional Musicianship and Experience:

CSE takes pride in its team of seasoned musicians, each of whom brings a unique and valuable contribution to the ensemble's sound. Among them:

Neil Fronheiser - Principal Violin II:
Neil's artistry and precision on the violin complement Talitha's playing, resulting in harmonious and emotionally resonant performances.

Dalinda Bohr - Principal Viola: Dalinda's mastery of the viola adds depth and richness to CSE's compositions, infusing each piece with a captivating resonance.

Brian Mishler - Principal Cellist:
As the anchor of the ensemble, Brian's cello playing provides a strong melodic and rhythmic foundation, ensuring that every performance is both captivating and engaging.

Bradley Richards - Strolling Violinist:
Bradley's interactive and dynamic style as a strolling violinist adds an element of intimacy and charm to events, captivating guests with his engaging musical presence.

Kathleen Bohena - Violin/Viola: Kathleen's versatility as a multi-instrumentalist allows CSE to offer a wide range of musical arrangements, further tailoring their performances to clients' unique preferences.

Lars Pottegier - Keyboards:
Lars's mastery of the keyboard adds depth and harmony to CSE's sound, expanding the possibilities for creating diverse and unique musical experiences.

Versatile Services for Every Occasion:

CSE distinguishes itself through its versatility in instrumental combinations and its extensive repertoire. They offer a range of configurations, including string quartets and ensembles featuring harp, piano, vocalists, guitar, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and percussion. This versatility allows CSE to cater to the specific ambiance and requirements of each event.

Contact Cherrywood String Quartet and Ensembles:

When you choose Cherrywood String Quartet and Ensembles, you're selecting a team of world-class musicians dedicated to delivering exceptional performances that make your special occasion truly memorable. To explore their offerings and book them for your next event in Pennsylvania, simply reach out to them via the contact form on their website. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or any other special event, CSE is committed to creating an unforgettable musical ambiance that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

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