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Philadelphia, PA 19255, USA


Miss Musique, headquartered in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the epitome of excellence in the realm of musical entertainment. This premier company, founded in 2011 by Andrea Levine, has been at the forefront of providing exquisite musical experiences for couples and special occasions. With a dedication to delivering exceptional performances and a diverse repertoire that spans the spectrum from Elvis to Elgar, Miss Musique has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

About Miss Musique

Miss Musique boasts a team of highly skilled musicians, each of whom has undergone rigorous training at prestigious conservatories and universities. This wealth of knowledge and expertise enables them to craft enchanting musical experiences tailored to the unique preferences and needs of each couple. Whether it's an intimate indoor wedding or a grand outdoor celebration, Miss Musique can adapt to any setting and budget, ensuring that every event is imbued with the magic of live music.

Andrea Levine: The Visionary Behind Miss Musique

At the core of Miss Musique is Andrea Levine, a talented musician and the founder of the company. Her passion for music and her commitment to providing top-notch musical entertainment have been the driving forces behind the success of Miss Musique. Andrea's expertise shines through in her performances, and her ability to seamlessly blend classical elegance with contemporary flair has made her a sought-after Philadelphia violinist.

One memorable performance that highlighted Andrea's artistry was on August 19, 2017, when she graced an event with her enchanting violin melodies. This event, hosted at the modern-industrial venue Tendenza in Philadelphia's vibrant Northern Liberties neighborhood, captivated around 175 guests. Andrea's acoustic-electric violin harmonized perfectly with the chic ambiance of Tendenza, creating a modern yet classically-inspired musical experience that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

Services Offered by Miss Musique

Miss Musique offers a wide array of services to make any special occasion unforgettable through the power of music. Couples can customize their musical arrangements, choosing from a range of options, including:

Instrumental Solos, Duos, or Trios:
For intimate settings and moments of profound musical connection.

String Trios, Quartets, or Quintets: Elegantly harmonized ensembles that add depth to any event.

Orchestra: A grand symphonic experience for those who seek the utmost in musical opulence.

Miss Musique's musicians are not only proficient in their craft but are also open to learning and performing new songs to ensure that your event is truly unique. Their services extend to various parts of the celebration, including wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, and soothing intermissions, with the provision of sound amplification when needed.

The following instruments are at the disposal of Miss Musique's talented musicians to create a captivating atmosphere:

  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Harp
  • Piano
  • Viola
  • Violin

Their comprehensive services encompass:

  • Ceremony Music: Elevate the emotional intensity of your wedding ceremony.
  • Cocktail Hour Music: Set the perfect mood as guests mingle and celebrate.
  • Learn New Songs: Personalize your event with melodies that hold special meaning.
  • Microphones: Ensure crystal-clear sound for speeches and performances.
  • Reception Music: Keep the dance floor alive with a diverse range of musical styles.
  • Sample Music: Experience the magic of Miss Musique before your event.
  • Sound/PA System: Professional sound amplification for large venues.
  • Travel Expenses: Your musical dream is not bound by geography.

Miss Musique, led by the visionary Andrea Levine, continues to be a premier choice for couples and event planners seeking the pinnacle of musical entertainment in Philadelphia. With their commitment to excellence and a passion for creating enchanting experiences through music, Miss Musique remains a name synonymous with sophistication and musical artistry. Whether you desire the soul-stirring strains of a violin or the grandeur of a full orchestra, Miss Musique is dedicated to making your special occasion a harmonious masterpiece.

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