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8536 Dakota Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, USA


Welcome to RB Party Decorations, a premier event decor provider located in Maryland, specializing in curating stylish and unforgettable events. They excel in offering exquisite and unique decor services tailored for a variety of occasions, including Weddings, Quinces, Sweet Sixteens, and more.

With a blend of creativity and a passion for event decor design, RB Party Decorations endeavors to transform every event into a memorable and personalized experience aligned with the client's vision.


Event Decor for Various Occasions:

RB Party Decorations specializes in providing stunning event decor for a range of special occasions, including Weddings, Quinces, Sweet Sixteen parties, and other events. Their expertise lies in creating decor that not only meets but exceeds the client's expectations, leaving a lasting impression.

Event Florist and Floral Designs:

As an event florist, RB Party Decorations brings nature's beauty into events by incorporating stunning floral designs. Their arrangements complement the event theme, adding elegance and freshness to the ambiance.

Balloon Decorations:

RB Party Decorations elevates events with captivating balloon decorations, including balloon columns, balloon garlands, and balloon centerpieces. Their balloon arrangements are thoughtfully designed to suit the event's theme, infusing a playful and lively atmosphere.

Support for Event Planners:

Event planners can rely on RB Party Decorations to save time and effort in event decor planning. By partnering with them, event planners can ensure that the event's decor and ambiance align seamlessly with the client's expectations and the overall event theme.

Guidance for DIY Event Planners:

For DIY event planners, RB Party Decorations offers guidance in creating a cohesive design. From assisting in color selection to providing installation tips, they help clients achieve a harmonious and well-designed event decor setup.

Wishlist Creation:

RB Party Decorations offers a user-friendly wishlist creation feature on their website. Clients can conveniently select and add desired items to their wishlist, allowing for easy planning and organization of the event. Basic event information can be provided to receive a written estimate.

Transparent Estimations and Ordering:

Clients receive a written estimate for their chosen items, enabling them to approve, sign, and make payments online. This transparent process ensures that no details are overlooked, and the order is accurately processed.

Flexible Delivery Options:

RB Party Decorations offers flexible delivery options, allowing clients to choose between having the items delivered or picking them up themselves. They accommodate special delivery requests, ensuring a seamless process for various event types and locations, such as venues or surprise parties.

Expert Event Planning:

RB Party Decorations is a team of experts experienced in organizing and executing successful events, irrespective of size or scale. From small gatherings to large-scale events and weddings, they ensure a seamless and well-coordinated event experience.

Honesty and Dependability:

Honesty and dependability are the cornerstones of RB Party Decorations' services. They commit to providing transparent and reliable services, instilling trust in clients regarding the quality and efficiency of their event planning solutions.

Efficient Event Logistics:

RB Party Decorations employs efficient planning strategies to streamline event logistics. They optimize resources without compromising the quality of the event, ensuring smooth execution and a delightful experience for the clients and their guests.

RB Party Decorations stands as a symbol of transparency, dependability, and attention to detail in the event decor industry. Their commitment to delivering exceptional services tailored to the specific needs of their clients shines through, making every event a truly remarkable and stylish affair. If you're seeking an experienced event decor specialist in Maryland to craft an unforgettable event, RB Party Decorations is the perfect choice.

Contact RB Party Decorations today to begin your journey towards a flawlessly designed event!

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