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7177 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA


Reuter's Bakery, nestled in Montclare, IL, is a cherished establishment renowned for its exquisite wedding and event cakes. Serving the Chicago area since 1927, Reuter's Bakery has cultivated a legacy of turning confectionery dreams into reality. With an unwavering commitment to tradition, craftsmanship, and community, this family-owned bakery continues to captivate hearts and taste buds alike.

Owner and Legacy:

Founded by Leo Reuter and Hanna Holzrichter in 1927, Reuter's Bakery emerged as a testament to love, hard work, and a shared dream. Rather than indulging in a honeymoon or a new home, the couple channeled their dedication into their bakery venture. Leo's immigrant journey, carrying only a suitcase, coupled with Hanna's determination, set the stage for a bakery that would become a cornerstone of the community.

Today, Richard and Erin Eberle carry forth this cherished legacy with pride. Richard Sr., a baker himself, passed on the reins to his son, Richard Jr., in 2000. The commitment to preserving tradition and quality remains paramount. Just as previous generations ensured the bakery remained a family affair, Richard Jr. and Erin maintain the bakery's reputation as a haven of handcrafted excellence.

Tradition and Taste:

Reuter's Bakery is more than a place of confectionery; it's a beacon of tradition and commitment. The Eberle family's dedication to creating handcrafted delicacies resonates through each cake they create. Their philosophy centers on treating each creation with care, from its inception to the moment it's placed in your hands. This dedication to craftsmanship and quality ensures that every bite is a reminder of the love and passion that goes into crafting these delectable creations.

Richard Sr., who worked tirelessly to preserve the bakery's heritage, still graces the premises with his presence, witnessing the continued success of the business he holds dear.

Services Offered:

Reuter's Bakery prides itself on offering a range of services to ensure your cake is a masterpiece that complements your special occasion:


Understanding your vision is essential. Reuter's Bakery offers personalized consultations, where Richard and Erin collaborate with you to grasp your ideas, preferences, and themes. This allows them to craft a cake design that perfectly aligns with your aesthetic and aspirations.

Custom Cake Design:

With expertise honed over generations, Reuter's Bakery creates cakes that are true works of art. Whether you arrive with a fully-fledged design or merely a spark of inspiration, Richard and Erin translate your vision into a delectable reality. Their attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship result in cakes that not only look stunning but also taste divine.

Set Up:

Reuter's Bakery goes the extra mile to ensure that your cake presentation is as flawless as its taste. They take care of the setup, ensuring that your cake becomes a centerpiece that delights and captivates your guests.

With Richard and Erin Eberle at the helm, the bakery's legacy continues to flourish. From consultation to setup, they offer a comprehensive experience that reflects their commitment to creating beautiful and delicious cakes. Reuter's Bakery doesn't just make cakes; it crafts edible memories that weave through generations, connecting the past to the present and future.

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