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292 Rhinecliff, NY, 12574


Rhinecliff Event Catering, based in the Hudson Valley's only Riverside Boutique Hotel, The Rhinecliff, is your premier purveyor of exceptional food, outstanding service, and memorable event experiences. Led by Owner James Chapman, they bring a level of quality, experience, and personal attention that sets them apart as a rare distinction in the world of event catering.

Rhinecliff Event Catering is renowned for several key attributes that define their service:

High-Quality Cuisine: Their cuisine is known for being of the highest quality, featuring locally sourced ingredients and a commitment to unfussy, delicious flavors.

Professional Service: They take pride in providing friendly and professional service that ensures every guest is well taken care of.

Personal Attention and Care: What truly sets them apart is the personal attention and care they provide. Every event is handled with a tender touch that leaves a lasting impression.

Services Offered

Rhinecliff Event Catering offers a diverse range of services to cater to various types of events:

Wedding Catering:

Their expertise in wedding catering ensures that your big day is a culinary masterpiece, with an emphasis on quality and personal attention.

Venue Flexibility:

They have experience catering to a wide range of venues, including barns, tents, private houses, and more. Their adaptability ensures that your event can be held in your chosen location.

Fundraisers and Galas:

For fundraising events and gala evenings, they offer a touch of elegance and a commitment to making your event a success.

Rehearsal Dinners and Brunches:

Whether you're planning a rehearsal dinner or a brunch, they can create a menu and experience that matches your vision.

BBQs and Birthday Celebrations:

From casual BBQs to lively birthday celebrations, Rhinecliff Event Catering can provide the culinary delights to enhance your event.

Location - Hudson Valley, New York 

Based in the picturesque Hudson Valley, Rhinecliff Event Catering is situated in a region celebrated for its elegance, beauty, and outstanding riverside locations. The Rhinecliff, their riverside home venue, is the epitome of their dedication to creating remarkable special events.

Rhinecliff Event Catering isn't just an event caterer; they are event creators. Their dedication to quality, personal attention, and adaptability ensures that your event will be memorable and special. Experience the difference for yourself.

Are you ready to make your event a memorable experience? Contact Rhinecliff Event Catering today to discuss your event catering needs and discover the personal touch that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

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