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49 Englewood Ave, Staten Island, NY 10309, USA


Your wedding day is more than an event; it's a tapestry of dreams, emotions, and everlasting love. It's the day when every detail should reflect the uniqueness of your love story. At RNS Exotics, we understand the significance of this day, and we're here to make it extraordinary. Imagine gliding into the venue in a Lamborghini, the engine's purr harmonizing with the beat of your heart. Picture the elegance of a Rolls Royce, embodying timeless sophistication as you step out, ready to embark on your new journey together. This is not just transportation; it's a statement, a grand entrance into your forever.

Why RNS Exotics?

An Exquisite Fleet: Our collection reads like a luxury car enthusiast's dream. Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, and McLaren – these are not just cars; they are legends, each with a unique personality waiting to complement yours. Our fleet is not just about driving; it's about experiencing the artistry of engineering, the thrill of power, and the embrace of unmatched comfort.

Tailored Experiences: Your wedding day is as unique as your love story. That's why we offer tailored experiences. Want to feel the rush of the accelerator under your foot? Opt to drive one of these exhilarating machines yourself. Prefer to relax and focus on the moment? Let our expert chauffeurs handle the driving, ensuring you arrive with grace and poise.

Expertise in Elegance: With years of experience, RNS Exotics has become synonymous with sophistication and style. We have graced the celebrations of high-end celebrities and made ordinary couples feel extraordinary. Our expertise ensures that your wedding day isn't just special; it's legendary.

Convenience and Access: Located in Staten Island, we offer the convenience of accessibility. No matter where your venue is in the Tri-State Area, we ensure seamless logistics. Your focus should be on love, joy, and making memories, not on the intricacies of transportation.

More Than Transportation Services : We don't just provide cars; we curate moments. Picture the quiet moments of reflection in the backseat of a Bentley, the laughter shared with your bridal party in a Ferrari, and the sheer joy of cruising in a Lamborghini. We add a layer of luxury to your day, making every mile a memory.

At RNS Exotics, your wedding day isn't just a date; it's a masterpiece waiting to be painted. Let us add the brushstrokes of luxury, excitement, and sophistication. Your love story deserves to be celebrated in style. Let's make your wedding day not just memorable but legendary.

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