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12276 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, Maryland, United States


SamShots Photo & Video stands as a premier wedding videography and photography company, proudly serving the Washington, D.C. area. Led by the talented photographer Sam and his dedicated team, this company captures the essence of couples' special moments, allowing their emotions to set the tone for the wedding photography and videography. With a keen focus on lighting and a commitment to creative excellence, SamShots Photo & Video produces images and videos that encapsulate the beauty and emotion of each unique love story.

About the Owner:

Photographer Sam Koushan , the creative force behind SamShots Photo & Video, possesses a wealth of experience and a passion for capturing life's most treasured moments. With a career spanning two decades, Sam and his team have honed their skills and cultivated a deep understanding of photographic lighting techniques. Their dedication to producing images that are clear, sharp, and artistically captivating sets them apart in the industry. Sam's creative vision and unwavering work ethic drive the company's commitment to delivering top-quality, affordable photos and videos that truly resonate with clients.

SamShots Photo & Video is dedicated to enhancing the multimedia experience for couples through their exceptional videography services. With a focus on storytelling, authenticity, and innovative techniques, they craft wedding videos that beautifully capture the essence of your special day, ensuring that every emotion and moment is immortalized for years to come.

Full-Feature and Highlight Videos:

SamShots Photo & Video goes beyond conventional wedding videography by offering both full-feature and highlight videos. The full-feature video is a comprehensive narrative that elegantly weaves together all the significant moments of your wedding day, providing an immersive experience that encapsulates the entire event. On the other hand, the highlight video is a condensed, artfully edited version that captures the essence, emotions, and key moments of the day in a captivating and engaging manner.

Raw Footage:

To provide an authentic portrayal of your wedding moments, SamShots Photo & Video offers raw footage as part of their videography services. This unedited footage allows you to relive every moment as it happened, providing a genuine and unfiltered look into your wedding day. It captures the spontaneous interactions, heartfelt speeches, and candid moments that make your celebration unique.

Client Revisions:

Understanding the importance of aligning the final video with your vision, SamShots Photo & Video provides the opportunity for client revisions. This personalized approach allows you to provide feedback and make adjustments to the video, ensuring that it accurately reflects your preferences and captures the emotions you wish to cherish.

Drone Footage:

For breathtaking aerial views and a touch of cinematic grandeur, SamShots Photo & Video offers the option of incorporating drone footage into your wedding video. This innovative perspective captures stunning panoramic views, sweeping landscapes, and dynamic shots that add a new dimension to your wedding story.

Multiple Cameras:

To ensure comprehensive coverage and a multifaceted view of your wedding, SamShots Photo & Video employs the use of multiple cameras. This technique captures every angle, reaction, and detail, allowing you to relive not only the key moments but also the subtle interactions and reactions that collectively paint a rich tapestry of your day.

High-Definition Video Production:

SamShots Photo & Video is committed to delivering exceptional clarity and visual quality in their videos. Their high-definition video production ensures that every detail is captured with precision, from the intricate lace on your wedding gown to the genuine smiles of your loved ones. The result is a video that offers unparalleled visual richness and depth.

Photography Services:

SamShots Photo & Video offers a comprehensive range of photography services to capture the essence of your wedding day:

Second shooter for comprehensive coverage

Dedication to one event per day to provide undivided attention

Slideshow creation to showcase your memorable moments

Wedding portrait sessions to capture your unique style

Flexibility to shoot at multiple locations

Provision of digital files for your convenience

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