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41 Russell Street, Rochester, NY, USA


Scratch Bakeshop, located in the vibrant Neighborhood of the Arts in New York, is a premier wedding and event cake bakery renowned for its delectable creations and innovative designs. Founded and operated by the dynamic duo of Molly Hartley and Kate Cassels, Scratch Bakeshop has been delighting clients with their unique and flavorful confections since 2013. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of culinary artistry, Hartley and Cassels bring their expertise from the culinary and design worlds to create one-of-a-kind treats that captivate the senses.

Owner Profile: Molly Hartley

Molly Hartley, the co-founder, owner, and operator of Scratch Bakeshop, is a visionary pastry chef with a passion for crafting extraordinary sweets. With a background in culinary arts and a keen eye for design, Molly has played a pivotal role in elevating Scratch Bakeshop to its status as a trendsetter in the industry. Her creative flair, dedication to quality, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have been instrumental in shaping the bakeshop's reputation for excellence.

Services Offered:


Scratch Bakeshop offers personalized consultations to ensure that every client's vision is understood and translated into a delectable creation. During these consultations, clients have the opportunity to discuss their preferences, themes, and design ideas with the talented team.

Custom Design:

Creativity knows no bounds at Scratch Bakeshop. The team specializes in crafting custom-designed cakes that reflect the unique style and personality of each client. From elegant and classic to modern and avant-garde, their cakes are tailored to match the event's theme and the client's desires.

Delivery and Setup:

To ensure a seamless experience, Scratch Bakeshop provides delivery and setup services. This ensures that the intricate cake designs arrive at the venue in pristine condition and are expertly arranged to become a stunning centerpiece for the celebration.

Tastings - Private:

The bakeshop offers private tastings, allowing clients to savor a selection of their delectable creations before making their final choices. This personalized tasting experience enables clients to make informed decisions about flavors, fillings, and textures that will delight their guests' palates.

Allergen-Free Offerings:

Scratch Bakeshop is committed to inclusivity and offers allergen-free options to accommodate various dietary needs. Clients can enjoy the same level of quality, taste, and creativity while ensuring that their guests with allergies or dietary restrictions can indulge in the joy of a beautifully crafted cake.

With a dedication to culinary innovation and design excellence, Scratch Bakeshop stands as a beacon of creativity in the wedding and event cake industry. Molly Hartley and Kate Cassels, the driving forces behind the bakeshop, bring their unique blend of expertise to create stunning and flavorful confections that leave a lasting impression. From personalized consultations to allergen-free offerings, Scratch Bakeshop's commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering an exceptional experience makes them the go-to choice for couples seeking delectable and beautifully designed cakes for their special occasions.

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