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Sioux Falls, SD 57106, USA


Are you seeking to infuse a touch of elegance and ethereal beauty into your wedding or event? Look no further than Harp By Erin, a distinguished harpist based in Sioux Falls, SD. With a profound passion for music and a remarkable skill set, Erin has been gracing occasions with her melodious harp tunes for over 12 years. Her commitment to creating memorable experiences through her music is truly remarkable.

Meet Erin: A Harpist with a Flourishing Musical Journey

Erin's musical journey began 15 years ago when she first laid her hands on the harp. Her dedication and unwavering love for the instrument have shaped her into a masterful harpist. A graduate of Harrisburg High School in 2006 and Augustana College in 2011, where she earned her bachelor's degree in music with a specialization in harp and K-12 education, Erin has not only honed her technical prowess but also gained a deep understanding of the emotional resonance that music can create.

Following her college years, Erin devoted three years to teaching Band, Choir, and Elementary Music. While her teaching career was fulfilling, her heart remained intertwined with her passion for the harp. Presently, she resides as a devoted homemaker, caring for her two beautiful children. Her music now intertwines with her family life, creating a unique source of inspiration for her performances.

Services Offered: Setting the Right Tone for Your Occasion

Harp By Erin offers a range of music services tailored to elevate your event:

Instrumentals: Transform your event with the soothing and melodic sounds of the harp. The instrument's rich tones will captivate your guests and create an atmosphere of elegance and charm.

Ceremony Music: Enrich your wedding ceremony with the grace and sophistication of live harp music. From the procession to the vows, the harp's gentle notes will enhance the emotional significance of each moment.

Cocktail Hour Music: Keep the momentum of your event going as your guests mingle during the cocktail hour. The harp's enchanting melodies provide a soothing backdrop for conversation and celebration.

Learn New Songs: Personalize your event with a special song that holds sentimental value. I'm dedicated to learning and performing new songs that hold significance for you, making your event even more memorable.

Reception Music: Transition seamlessly from ceremony to reception with the delightful sounds of the harp. Whether it's a formal dinner or a lively celebration, the harp's versatility suits various atmospheres.

Rehearsal Dinner Music: Begin your wedding festivities on a harmonious note with live harp music at your rehearsal dinner. It's a fantastic way to set the tone for the upcoming celebration.

Creating Magical Memories: Your Event, My Music

I'm passionate about making your special day even more exceptional. Whether it's the refined notes during your ceremony, the serene backdrop for your cocktail hour, or the enchanting melodies that accompany your reception, Harp By Erin promises to deliver an experience that resonates with elegance and emotion.

Allow me to share my musical artistry with you and contribute to the magic of your cherished moments. Contact Harp By Erin today to explore how I can be a part of your unforgettable event.

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