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2850 Delk Rd, Marietta, GA 30067


Embrace the allure of whimsical and romantic blooms on your wedding day with The Flower Garden Shop, a trusted name in the floral landscape of Georgia. Proudly serving Metro Atlanta and the Southeast, they excel in crafting spectacular floral designs that align seamlessly with your vision, all at reasonable prices.

Services Offered


Delight in the beauty of bespoke bouquets, tailored to your preferences and wedding theme. The Flower Garden Shop specializes in creating exquisite bouquets that perfectly complement your style, adding an enchanting touch to your special day.

Flower Crowns:

Elevate your bridal look with elegantly designed flower crowns. Their team of skilled floral designers will craft a crown that harmonizes with your attire and enhances your natural beauty, creating a captivating and ethereal vibe.

Corsages and Boutonnieres:

Complete your wedding ensemble with meticulously crafted corsages and boutonnieres. The Flower Garden Shop pays attention to every detail, ensuring these floral accessories add a touch of elegance to your attire.

Arches and Aisle Arrangements:

Envision a dreamy ceremony with stunning floral arches and aisle arrangements. The Flower Garden Shop can turn your vision into reality, adorning your ceremony space with enchanting blooms that reflect your unique love story.

Hanging Pieces and Table Runners:

Transform your event space with captivating hanging floral pieces and elegant table runners. Their designs add a distinct charm, creating a whimsical atmosphere for you and your guests to cherish.

Centerpieces and Large Installations:

Impress your guests with breathtaking centerpieces and grand floral installations. The Flower Garden Shop excels in designing lavish arrangements that become the focal point of your reception, leaving a lasting impression.

Schedule a Consultation:

Embark on your floral journey with The Flower Garden Shop by scheduling a consultation. Let their skilled floral artisans listen to your desires and preferences, translating them into a floral masterpiece that enhances the magic of your event.

Trust The Flower Garden Shop to be your partner in bringing your floral dreams to life, making your special day a memory filled with the delicate fragrance of blooming love.

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