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5100 Burnet Rd, Austin, Texas 78756, USA


Situated in the heart of Austin, The Flower Studio stands as one of the most reputable florists in the region, offering unique and versatile options for your special day. What sets them apart is their provision of DIY wedding options, allowing you to craft your wedding florals according to your vision. The studio provides an extensive range of fillers, flowers, line flowers, greens, and more.

With the freedom to combine these elements in a way that suits your taste, you have the opportunity to be the architect of your own floral designs. On the other hand, if you prefer a hassle-free approach, The Flower Studio offers complete floral packages that encompass everything from exquisite bouquets to enchanting head wreaths. Whether your heart is set on tulips or you have a specific color palette in mind, The Flower Studio is equipped to turn even your wildest floral dreams into reality.

The Flower Studio is located in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, where creativity and nature come together to inspire beautiful floral designs for your event.

Services Offered:

DIY Wedding Floral Options:

The Flower Studio is a pioneer in offering DIY wedding floral options. They provide a diverse selection of fillers, flowers, line flowers, and greens, giving you the creative freedom to assemble your wedding florals in a way that resonates with your style and theme.

Complete Floral Packages:

For those seeking a seamless and comprehensive floral solution, The Flower Studio offers complete floral packages. These packages cover everything from stunning bouquets to charming head wreaths, ensuring every floral aspect of your wedding is thoughtfully crafted.

Tailored Floral Designs:

The Flower Studio understands that every wedding is unique. They offer tailored floral designs, working closely with you to curate arrangements that reflect your preferences and dreams, ensuring a personalized touch to your special day.

Wide Range of Flowers and Elements:

Choose from a wide range of flowers, fillers, line flowers, and greens provided by The Flower Studio. They ensure a diverse selection, enabling you to select elements that perfectly match your envisioned floral creations.

Contact The Flower Studio Today:

Ready to design your dream wedding florals or explore their complete floral packages? Contact The Flower Studio and bring your floral vision to life.

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