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Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath, Washington, Maryland, USA


Introducing Three J's Entertainment - Dj, Lighting & Photobooth Services, a dynamic and experienced Black American event vendor, specializing in delivering unforgettable musical experiences. With a remarkable 15-year journey in the music industry, Three J's Entertainment has witnessed the evolution of music styles and the rise and fall of trends. This expertise positions them as a top-tier choice for those seeking outstanding DJ, Lighting, and Photobooth services in the Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, and N. Virginia Washington, DC regions.

Three J's Entertainment is not just a DJ; they're a connoisseur of musical vibes and a master at creating electric atmospheres. With an unyielding passion for music and an innate talent for getting crowds moving, Three J's Entertainment brings an unparalleled energy to every event. Their DJ booth serves as a hub of excitement, where the magic of music transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

But Three J's Entertainment goes beyond just spinning tracks. With over a decade of experience, they have honed their skills in event organization. They understand the pulse of a great party, and their expertise extends beyond the turntables. They're your trusted advisor, offering invaluable insights and connections to ensure your event transforms into a resounding success. Whether it's a wedding, engagement celebration, or a video event, Three J's Entertainment knows how to elevate the experience and create an ambiance that lingers in the hearts of your guests.

As experts in wedding, engagement, and video event DJ services , Three J's Entertainment embraces the role of a curator, weaving together melodies that resonate with your vision. Their seamless blends of genres, their ability to read the room, and their knack for picking the perfect tracks make them the ultimate choice for your special occasion. With Three J's Entertainment, you're not just hiring a DJ; you're enlisting a partner who understands the cadence of love, celebration, and joy.

DJ Services:

Experience the heartbeat of your event as our skilled DJs curate a musical journey that resonates with your vision. From setting the ambiance during cocktail hours to igniting the dance floor with high-energy beats, our DJs have the expertise to cater to a wide range of musical tastes. With a vast collection spanning various genres, we ensure that every moment of your event is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack.

Lighting Design:

Transform your venue into a breathtaking visual spectacle with our innovative lighting design services. Our team of lighting experts collaborates with you to understand your theme and preferences, creating lighting arrangements that seamlessly harmonize with the atmosphere you envision. Whether it's soft and romantic lighting for an intimate affair or dynamic and vibrant lighting for a lively celebration, we ensure that every corner of your venue exudes elegance and charm.

Photobooth Entertainment:

Add an element of interactive entertainment and lasting memories with our cutting-edge photobooth services. Our photobooths are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that captures candid moments and genuine smiles. Guests can enjoy selecting fun props, striking poses, and instantly receiving high-quality prints to take home as cherished souvenirs. The photobooth experience creates an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere that keeps your guests engaged and delighted throughout the event.

Event Coordination:

Beyond our core services, Three J's Entertainment offers valuable event coordination expertise. Drawing from years of experience, we provide guidance and support to ensure that every aspect of your event is flawlessly executed. From timeline management to vendor coordination, we offer insights that contribute to the seamless flow of your celebration. Our network of trusted partners enables us to recommend top-tier professionals who align with your event's style and requirements.

Whether it's a wedding, engagement party, or video event, Three J's Entertainment is committed to delivering a comprehensive suite of services that exceed your expectations.

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